Obama’s Failure to Prove Presidential Eligibility

By: Charles Benninghoff, Founder

03/05/2014   Despite what many have heard or read, the controversy over Barack Obama’s eligibility to serve as President is still raging.  In fact, United States Justice Foundation lawyers are once again fighting this evil man in the Court of Appeals.

In Noonan v. Bowen, USJF is demanding that the court affirm that the American people have a right to know that candidates for the Office of the President of the United States meet the qualifications for that office that are outlined in the United States Constitution. Read more about how you can help win this case so that the American people can know for sure that candidates for the President of the United States meet the necessary qualifications outlined in the Constitution.

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This a very simple request and, of course, once again, the Obama attorneys are fighting this tooth and nail. They know that Barack Obama could not provide evidence of his eligibility to serve as President back in 2008, and he could not do so in 2012. They know that losing this case could blow the lid off their historic cover-up.

This case is not just a fight to reaffirm the rights of American citizens to know if the people running for office meet the qualifications for the office but this is also a battle to right an historic wrong. Find out how you can help the USJF right this historic wrong and require Obama to prove his eligibility to be President to the American people.

You can imagine that fighting it out with Barack Obama is very hard, and very expensive. This historic case of Noonan v. Bowen requires USJF and their allies to fund hours of legal research, preparation of hundreds of pages of legal briefs, investigators and expert witnesses.

Obama is aware that the stakes are high and is willing to spend whatever it takes to thwart his opponents. Obama knows he can lose this case and has already spent millions of dollars of taxpayer money fighting USJF’s, and their allies’, attorneys.

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No matter what the pundits and media say, no matter how many fraudulent “birth certificates” that the White House releases, the question of Barack Obama’s eligibility is still a very open question.

That is why USJF attorneys are back in court and that is why they are fighting this man so hard. You can be part of this vital mission to force Obama and his administration to uphold the Constitution by proving without a doubt his eligibility to be United States President here.

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