Obama’s Iranian Pen Pal

Taking a page out of the old Bill and Hitlery playbook, Obama has begun sending secret letters to murderous Third World dictators. Can a secret deal to allow Iran to build nuclear weapons be far behind?

The Wall Street Journal first reported on Obama’s secret pen pal letter to the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in Iran. Obama has requested that the Ayatollah help the US fight against ISIS in Iraq, in exchange for… well, we don’t know, because the contents of the letter are secret and the leader of the “most transparent administration in history” won’t show it to anyone.

However, the White House assures us that the letter had nothing — absolutely NOTHING — to do with Iran’s nuclear aspirations.

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For those who don’t remember, Bill Clinton signed the agreement with North Korea in 1994 after a number of secret correspondences, which allowed Kim Jong-il to build that nation’s first light water reactor. At the time, Kim Jong-il assured Clinton that the reactor was to generate electricity for civilian use (“civilian” is the North Korean word for ‘concentration camp’). Ten years later, North Korea was testing nuclear weapons, all thanks to a Democrat in the White House having secret pen pal correspondence with a dictator.

Now, here we go again, with another Democrat penning secret letters to a brutal Muslim dictator.

Here’s how Roger L. Simon at PJMedia summarizes the biography of Obama’s new pen pal:

“Does Obama know that Khamenei was a leader of the Iranian military in their war with Iraq, when the Iranians force-marched eleven-year-old boys — holding plastic ‘keys to paradise’ — across fields to clear them of mines in advance of their troops, killing thousands of the unwitting boys in the process? Who knows? But if Obama makes this deal with the Iranians, he better give us all plastic keys.”

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That information, by the way, is mysterious missing from Khamenei’s biography page on Wikipedia. Probably just an oversight on the Wikipedia editors’ part, right?

What are we to make of it when the our supposed “leader” is constantly conspiring with God’s enemies AGAINST God’s people? Jesus said we shall know them by their fruits. It’s never a good sign for America when the person in the Oval Office starts striking up back-room deals with murderous thugs who have nuclear aspirations and an undying hatred of Israel.

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