Obama’s “Mental Health” Gun Grab

Obama gun grab executive order will target millions of Americans

Barack Obama has 12 new executive orders  related to gun control that go into effect in November of 2015. One of these regulatory changes is poorly written and so broadly worded that Pray For US believes it could end up stripping gun rights away from millions of Americans, even from children like the little girl pictured here, by labeling us all as “mental defectives”.

Obama is already victimizing many veterans by claiming they are mentally defective and seizing their firearms for things as simple as needing help from the Veterans Administration to balance their checkbooks, or if they have ever experienced unconsciousness (many of our current veterans have been knocked unconscious, for example, when their Humvee is hit by a roadside bomb).

Pray For US is supporting HR 2001, the Veterans 2nd Amendment Protection Act, to stop this unlawful gun grab.


Send FaxGrams to Congress in support of HR 2001 today to help us stop Obama’s unlawful executive order!


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Obama’s executive order on “mental defectives” does not just impact veterans, as many credible news reports have indicated. It does not state “veterans” — it states “any person” who is adjudicated as a mental defective cannot own, possess or transport firearms or ammunition. (see HERE, p. 17, paragraph (4))

Who decides whether or not a person is a “mental defective” under Obama’s regulatory change? The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms document does not say! To learn the answer to that question, you have to go to another document.

If you look in the Federal Register, Jan. 7, 2014, it states that a person can be declared a “mental defective” by a court, a mental health board or a commission, but also by any “other lawful authority.” (see HERE, p. 1, paragraph (9))

Who is the other “lawful authority?” Once again, it does not say.

However, we know that an on-duty law enforcement officer is considered a “lawful authority.” Obama is currently using Veterans Administration caseworkers as “lawful authorities” who declare veterans to be mental defectives under the threat of losing their VA benefits if they do not surrender their guns to the feds.

Do you know who else is legally considered a lawful authority? The courts have ruled many times that public schools are a “lawful authority” over the pupils in their care!

Please think about this and do not miss this point:  Public school teachers make many, many recommendations that “unruly” (otherwise known as normal) children possibly have ADHD or some other mental disorder and recommend that those children see a psychologist/psychiatrist for a prescription to Ritalin or other drugs, as reported by WND.com. That “lawful authority” could conceivably declare a young child to be a mental defective through this process, thereby ensuring that the child’s name is added to the FBI’s NCIC background check system. The child’s name could literally be there for years without anyone knowing, until they grow up and decide to exercise their 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms!

We oppose all of Obama’s unconstitutional gun grabs via executive order because the God we serve is pro-life and pro-self defense!

Jesus told his followers in Luke 22:36, when He knew that they would soon be facing government persecution, “But now, he who has a money bag, let him take it, and likewise a knapsack; and he who has no sword, let him sell his garment and buy one.” (NPT Bible pg. 1,231)

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Please tell Congress to pass HR 2001, the Veterans 2nd Amendment Protection Act, today!


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