Obama’s Muslim Trojan Horse

Donald Trump calls Obama's Syrian jihadi refugees a Trojan horse.

Presidential candidate Donald Trump hit the nail on the head when he referred to B. Hussein Obama’s plan to import 200,000 Syrians a “Trojan horse.” Obama’s plan to more than double the annual influx of refugees to America by taking in Muslims from one country represents an existential threat to the United States.

ISIL (the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) has boasted that 2% of all refugees flooding into Europe and the United States are actually battle-hardened jihadis who have been fighting in Syria’s civil war for years now. Here are Donald Trump’s remarks on Face the Nation:

If 2% of Obama’s 200,000 Syrian “refugees” turn out to be jihadis that means we will be willingly allowing as many as 4,000 terrorists within our borders. Most Americans do not realize that refugees are on almost total welfare from the time they set foot on U.S. soil. Breitbart News has documented the fact that more than 90% of all refugees immediately go on food stamps and that well over 70% are receiving cash welfare payments. Talk about tipping the executioner for a clean cut!

Even if ISIL were not infiltrating the refugees with its terrorists, Obama’s 200,000 Syrians represent a threat to the United States. No matter where they live in the world, Muslims are incapable of getting along with their neighbors!

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Muslim refugees work to destroy their host culture to advance Islam.

Hundreds of cars and dozens of buildings destroyed by Muslim refugees in Stockholm, Sweden

European nations are increasingly feeling the strain of allowing in millions of Muslims through unchecked immigration and the current phony “refugee crisis.” Sweden just went through five straight nights of Muslim refugees rioting, burning and looting, which the US media NEVER REPORTED!

A machete-wielding Muslim refugee attacked police in Sweden on October 4, 2015, according to the Daily Mail, and police shot the man dead. In response, Muslim refugees burned police stations, schools, apartment buildings and businesses, and even threw grenades in one exchange. Firefighters in Stockholm stopped going out to put the blazes out because they kept coming under attack from brick-lobbing jihadis when they tried to help. Police were overwhelmed because they are far outnumbered by the rioting Muslims!

Are we to believe that the Muslims America is accepting will behave any differently than their cousins, sisters and brothers who are living on welfare-for-life in Europe?

We are supporting HR 3314, a bill proposed by Rep. Brian Babin of Texas. This bill would immediately halt the U.N. Muslim refugee program and stop Obama’s “Trojan horse” Syrians from entering America. The bill requires a federal audit of the total costs of bringing Muslim refugees into America. (Sweden did a similar study and found that a single Muslim will draw $700,000 more out of the national welfare system than they will pay in, over the course of their life in their new country.) The audit will take years and this would in effect halt all refugees from coming into America until “we the people” can see the true impacts of accepting hordes of unskilled, unemployable Muslims into America.


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Click HERE to stop Obama’s “Trojan horse” by telling Congress to enact HR 3314.


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