Obama’s No-Fly Gun Ban

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Pray For US is warning Americans of the dangers of Barack Obama’s demands to ban people on the federal government’s “No-Fly List” from gun ownership. This is in fact a blatant assault on the 2nd Amendment and will do nothing to protect Americans from jihadi Muslim attacks like the one in San Bernardino, CA that left 14 dead and 21 wounded. Yet Obama is demanding that Congress pass new legislation that gives him – and him alone – the power to disarm people on the No-Fly List.

Many Americans are unaware that when George W. Bush left office, there were only 48,000 names on the No-Fly List or that under Barack Obama that list has swelled to more than 700,000 names, according to The Intercept news publication. “Irrefutable evidence” and “concrete facts” are NOT required for Barack Obama (or his hand-picked Attorney General Loretta Lynch) to place someone’s name on the No-Fly List. According to TechDirt, at least 280,000 people on the No-Fly List have no known association to terrorist organizations whatsoever! They just happen to share the same name as someone who triggered the incompetent federal government’s auto-pilot program of placing names on the No-Fly List. A perusal of the list shows that many of the names on it are not even Arabic!

The San Bernardino killers, the Chattanooga jihadi, the Boston Marathon bombers and the Fort Hood shooter were never on the No-Fly List. We have found no record of any high-profile Islamic attacker in America, post-9/11, who was actually on the No-Fly List. Yet Obama claims he wants to disarm the Americans on that list as if it will protect us from terrorism!


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Since 2009, the Obama administration has labeled Christians, Republicans, Tea Partiers, 2nd Amendment supporters and other groups of law-abiding Americans as “terrorists” in both his speech and in official government training documents. If Congress grants Barack Obama to disarm people on the No-Fly List, our prediction is that the No-Fly List would suddenly balloon to millions of names, to include veterans, senior citizens, Christians, student loan holders and any other demographic which Obama detests.

Aside from that, gun control NEVER works! Harvard University researchers found that under Great Britain’s strict gun confiscation laws, the UK’s murder rate is now 400% higher than America’s. Rape rates are 133% higher and assaults are 125% higher in Great Britain and now knife attacks are through the roof!

The book of Esther reveals the very root of our 2nd Amendment right to self defense: “By these letters the king permitted the Jews who were in every city to gather together and protect their lives—to destroy, kill, and annihilate all the forces of any people or province that would assault them.” (Esther 8:11a)

The purpose of the ancient Israelites being armed was for defense against the forces of “any people or province” including governments – not for hunting and target practice! The right to self defense is ultimately a right to defend your life against a tyrannical state and under Obama, what used to be “our” federal government now labels us as terrorists for disagreeing with Obama!

Make no mistake about it: If Congress bans people on the No-Fly List from gun ownership, your name will be on that list the following day!


Put your faith into action. Speak out against Barack Obama’s bogus No-Fly List gun ban by clicking HERE!



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