Oppose Amnesty “Compromise”

By: Charles Benninghoff, Founder

02/12/2014   Please consider the vitally important message below from our friends at the US Justice Foundation. Unless we, the people, join together to fight the Obama administration it will win in its efforts to destroy forever the America we know and love.

Leftist Democrat Charles Schumer just announced a “compromise” that could allow an illegal immigration amnesty bill to sail through the House of Representatives. It is still a full scale amnesty for illegal alien trespassers but it “delays” implementation until 2017. This is a bogus “compromise” and Barack Hussein Obama will simply implement amnesty the second that this bill becomes law.

RINO House Speaker John Boehner will no doubt jump on this phony compromise and many other cowardly politicians will probably do so as well. Big-business groups, liberal activists, and the White House are all pushing for any type of amnesty. They don’t care about the fine print, or any regulations written into the bill as part of a “compromise.”

Amnesty supporters want to flood the United States with illegal aliens which will result in cheap labor, more welfare recipients, and more liberal Democrat voters. There are too many politicians who want to appease the left-wing illegal alien lobby but they are under intense pressure from the people who are fighting back against Amnesty. That is why this new “compromise” is so attractive to them.

People who oppose Amnesty can no longer stop this bill by blocking it in a House Committee. House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte says that an immigration bill could be passed by his Committee at any time.

It is expected that the House will vote on this bill soon, in a quick vote, late at night. That’s how “compromises” like this are often handled. We know that Obama, and his liberal cronies, are wheeling and dealing like crazy right now to get this “compromise” to go through.

Grassroots America must show every House member that we oppose Amnesty. We must demonstrate, in no uncertain terms, that we know that this “compromise” is a scam. We don’t want amnesty at any time – not this year, not in 2017, not ever! If you oppose this Amnesty “compromise” scam please visit the link below and share it with everyone you know.

Oppose Amnesty “Compromise”

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