O’s Outrageous Communications Censorship

By: Charles Benninghoff, Founder

03/14/2014   Barack Obama’s Federal Communications Commission (FCC) just announced plans to place government “minders” in media outlets all around America. This is an all-out attempt to nationalize and control all news outlets that do not openly support Obama’s regime.

Although Obama’s plan to nationalize the media is on temporary hold, his FCC pals have launched a “study,” which requires government agents to be placed in media outlets all around the country anyway. These agents will be tasked with monitoring whether the media is reporting the news “correctly,” and “fairly,” according to the Obamagenda.

United States Justice Foundation is diligently working to stop Obama’s plan to regulate the news media from ever happening. Read more about USJF’s effort to stop the takeover of media here.

Never before in American history has the government tried to control the news like this. To make matters worse, it is clear that this attack is designed specifically to silence conservative critics battling this outlaw Administration.

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So far, no Member of Congress has introduced legislation to stop these wankers at the FCC, much less remove them from power. That is why US Justice Foundation is set on convincing Congress to take immediate action against this outrageous plan.

This is an all-out attack on the First Amendment. Obama and his Obamagenda wankers are making their move to silence the conservative side of American media. The wankers want to make sure that Americans only hear support of the Obamagenda, and that from media favorable to the lunacy of the left.

For example, liberal Congressman Gary Peters just threatened to have the FCC revoke a local TV station’s license because it aired his political opponent’s campaign ad. Find out how you can help convince Congress to stop this FCC scheme to censor the news here.

Mike Dickinson, the liberal running against House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, wants the FCC to nationalize Fox News because of its “lies” against the Obama regime.

These Hitlerian tactics and this FCC scheme, taken together, mean that Obama is making his move. He wants to shut down all criticism of him and his policies before the 2014 elections.

It is becoming increasingly clear that Congress will not stand up to Obama unless ordinary Americans force them to do so.

Once these government minders are placed in new outlets across America, there will be no stopping the Obama tyranny.

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Left-wing media organizations like CNN and MSNBC will increase their attacks on conservatives, in order to please these government agents, and their boss in the White House. At Fox News, and at other non-leftist controlled organizations, no criticism of Mr. Obama will be allowed.

These minders will have the ability to “spike,” or kill, any news stories Barack Obama does not like. This FCC scheme is very, very real. It will go into effect soon unless Congress steps in and stops it.

You can help support the American people’s First Amendment rights and stop this Obama ordered FCC scheme here. Please also share this link with everyone you know.

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