Paris Climate Liar Treaty Will Destroy American Sovereignty

Urge Congress to embrace Sen. Rand Paul’s Concurrent Resolution #17 that rejects the Paris Accord Climate Liar Treaty and Saves America’s Sovereignty & Economy

Senator Rand Paul, Republican from Kentucky, has proposed a concurrent resolution #17 for the House and Senate that will completely derail Barack Obama’s Paris Accord.

Today I’ll let you know how our network of patriotic activists is fighting to pass concurrent resolution #17 and put the nail in the coffin of the globalist Paris Accord that will gut the American treasury if we don’t stop it.

The Paris Accord is an international agreement that was signed by 175 countries plus the European Union which counted itself as one country.

It is an international TREATY. These disgusting socialist countries slapped the name “Accord” in an attempt to circumvent our Constitutional provisions requiring Senate approval of all treaties.

Barack Obama signed it in December of 2015 and he also called it an agreement because he hoped that he would be able to force America into it without the advice and consent of the Senate, which would have required a two-thirds vote to ratify.

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Let’s take a look at what the Paris Accord will do to the American economy.

According to the World Economic Forum, which is just another United Nations globalist group, the Paris climate liar treaty will cost $23 trillion dollars to implement before the year 2030.

Guess which nation will have to fork over $19 trillion of that amount.

That’s right – Barack Obama signed a global treaty and promised that the American taxpayers would foot the bill for 83% of that treaty!

America produces the cleanest energy in the world and if we reduce our energy output even further by complying with the impossible demands of the Paris Accord, many power plants will be required to shut down… eventually leading to statewide or even region-wide blackouts.

We’ll keep you up to date on the battle for faith, family and flag against the forces of globalism that want to wreck America’s economy, steal our money and give it away to foreign countries that could care less about clean air and water.

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