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Federal Tyranny vs. America:
Stand Up For Nevada Rancher Cliven Bundy!

A patriotic American citizen, Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, is under siege by the federal government and he needs our help right now.

Snipers and machine gun-toting federal officers with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) have surrounded Bundy's Nevada ranch.  These federal officers have likewise cordoned off a 600,000-acre parcel of public land -- owned by the state of Nevada -- in a tremendous waste of taxpayer money to illegally steal Bundy's herd of cows.

This massive overreach of the federal government HAS TO STOP! Please watch this news report regarding Mr. Bundy's fight with the feds:

We the people must stand up for the rights of Cliven Bundy! The feds are after him today and they will be after YOUR family tomorrow if we do not stop them.  Please send your First Amendment Petition to the House Appropriations Committee today, which has congressional oversight in this area.

Since that video report aired in Nevada, Mr. Bundy's brother was arrested by the feds for the "crime" of taking pictures of the officers as they cordoned off public lands. As many as nine federal helicopters have been spotted circling the Bundy ranch. The Bundy family has seen snipers teams watching them through rifle scopes.

The federal government is trampling on this family's rights, supposedly to protect an endangered turtle. What this is really about is control -- federal control of all property and all lands. Your rights, your livelihood, your wealth and your private property do not mean anything to these people.

Mr. Bundy's argument in the video above is correct, both constitutionally and biblically. Bundy is a part-owner of those "public" lands where his cattle are grazing, as a taxpayer in Clark County, Nevada.

I grew up in a cattle ranching family and I have personally seen families devastated by the federal government in this fashion.

Imagine having the federal government fire you from your job to protect some supposedly "endangered species" that no one has ever heard of. But in addition to losing your job, you also lose your house and all of your private property. That is, in essence what the feds are doing to the Bundy family.

The federal government is stealing their cattle herd, which in turn will most likely cause them to lose their entire ranching operation, their land and their family business which has been in operation there since 1870.

Send your First Amendment Petition to Congress today! Tell the feds to stand down and stop harassing the Bundy family in Nevada!

Bundy has "pre-emptive rights," which is the law in many states when it comes to grazing rights for cattle, sheep or other livestock. Because his family settled that area and has been grazing their cattle there for almost 150 years -- far longer than the BLM has been in existence -- he has the right to continue grazing his cattle there.

The Governor of Nevada agrees with this and has stated that the federal government is trampling on his state's rights and on Cliven Bundy's rights.

Bundy's property and ranching rights are biblical in nature. Deuteronomy 27:17a states, "Cursed is he that removes his neighbor's landmark."

The Goliath federal government is attempting to remove all of Mr. Bundy's rights (his landmark) so that they can one day do the same thing to you. They are painting him as a criminal for doing what his family has been doing for 150 years legally -- until the day that the federal government suddenly declared it illegal.

Send your First Amendment Petition today! We have to stand up for Mr. Bundy's rights. If we allow the federal government to walk all over him and destroy his livelihood, one day they will do the same to you and me as well.

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Mark Amodei
222 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515

Dear Congressman Amodei:

WHEREAS the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has surrounded a parcel of Nevada public lands with federal officers, armed with sniper rifles and machine guns; and,

WHEREAS this action is being undertaken to seize ownership of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy's cattle herd; and,

WHEREAS the Bundy family has been grazing cattle in Clark County, Nevada since 1870, long before the federal government's creation of the BLM; and,

WHEREAS the courts in America have long recognized the pre-emptive rights of ranchers to graze their herds on public lands when newly-created rules and regulations conflict with grazing rights; and,

WHEREAS the Governor of the State of Nevada has declared that the federal government is trampling on his state's 10th Amendment rights by harassing and threatening the Bundy family and stealing their cattle.

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that we the people of these United States demand that Congress intervene, order the BLM to cease and desist, and to return all of Mr. Bundy's cattle and other property to him immediately; and, the federal bureaucrat(s) who made the decision to use overwhelming military force against Mr. Bundy should be immediately fired.

This PETITION has been signed in identical counterpart by numerous citizens and individually sent to Congress, the parts of which constitute the whole.

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