Phony Obamacare Religious Exemption

By: Charles Benninghoff, Founder

03/12/2014   A group of establishment politicians in Washington, D.C. is trying to trick conservative Christians into thinking that they are exempt from Obamacare.

This bipartisan group in the House of Representatives wants to pass a fake “religious exemption” from Obamacare.

There is just one catch.

This “exemption” is a complete hoax that is designed to lull Americans to sleep before the elections so that they will not revolt against the establishment RINOs and Democrats at the ballot box.

This religious exemption from Obamacare sounds great on the surface.

HR 1814 would allow Americans to file a sworn affidavit with their tax returns, stating their opposition to Obamacare on religious grounds. They would not have to sign up for one of the Obamacare junk insurance plans and would not have to pay the fine to the IRS. Read more about the deception behind HR 1814 here.

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The question is why would 78 Democrats, including many Members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, sign on as co-sponsors to give Americans a religious exemption from Obamacare?

NOTE:  The “Progressive Caucus” is a pseudonym for the Communist Caucus USA as virtually all of the yahoos in this group are diehard far-lefties seeking to give away American jobs to illegal aliens, among other destructive agendas.

The answer is in the fine print of this bill.

The first clause of HR 1814 explains how Americans can opt out of Obamacare.

However, the second clause, is what these politicians do not want you to know about, and states this:

“Nullified if receipt of medical health care during taxable year.–Clause (i) shall not apply to an individual for any month during a taxable year if the individual received medical health care during the taxable year.”

In other words, a “religious exemption” from Obamacare is automatically canceled as soon as that person visits a doctor. A fine will be owed to the government and the IRS will have a signed sworn affidavit stating that person is a Christian who is opposed to Obamacare. This will land that person directly on Obama’s list of enemies with the IRS. Find out how you can help put a stop to HR 1814 here.

Just ask the Jewish people in Germany in the 1930s how registering with the government in such a manner worked out for them.

Pro-life and other religious Americans need to know the deception behind HR 1814.

This phony religious exemption is designed to make Americans believe they can obtain an exemption from Obamacare, so that they will not vote the bums in Washington, D.C. out of office.

Isaiah 56:10 warns us against being lulled to sleep by the enemies of God: “His watchmen are blind, they are all ignorant; They are all dumb dogs, they cannot bark; Sleeping, lying down, loving to slumber.”

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Americans must not slumber as the establishment RINOs and the Democrats work together to try to pull a fast one over on them.

Unfortunately, many people who are not paying attention will fall for this “Big Lie” because they are “… sleeping, lying down and loving to slumber…” while HR 1814 works its way into the law.

That is why as many people as possible need to speak out against it right now.

If you are tired of the government trying to trick Americans and want to assist with the shutdown HR 1814 visit this link. You can also spread the word about this misleading religious exemption bill by sharing this link with as many people as possible.

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