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Make A Difference in the 2016 Election!

A majority of Americans are concerned about voter fraud in the historic 2016 presidential election. Pray For US decided to do something to reduce the threat of election hacking and other forms of vote fraud because we want to see a fair election with honest results.

Thanks to our donors and one anonymous supporter, we were able to create a new website at as well as a social media page which can be seen at

Please contribute to the Poll Watchers effort today so we can saturate voting precincts with honest, dedicated election observers in November 2016! Watch this video for the latest update:

Volunteers can go to the site and find resource guides outlining the laws and regulations to become a poll watcher in their state. As well, we have a list of articles about this important subject.

We also have a Lawyer's Corner on the site and we are in the process of recruiting attorneys to support any poll watchers who encounter problems on election night who may need legal advice.

Interest in this project has been tremendous so far!

We’ve had almost 60,000 impressions on Facebook but in order to really push this project to the forefront and ensure that we recruit enough poll watchers to saturate the voting precincts on Election Day in November, we need your help right now.

Charles Benninghoff sporting the Poll Watchers prototype hat!Charles Benninghoff sporting the Poll Watchers prototype hat!
Now, for my silly HAT… well, this is a pure prototype.  BUT if you contribute more than $50.00 we’ll have a MADE-IN-THE-USA baseball cap made just for you!  If you contribute $1,000 you will get your name put on our honor roll or Poll Watchers…

AND, if you match the $5,000 donation we have already received, we’ll deliver the cap to you personally!

Donate to Pray For US today so we can continue recruiting volunteer poll watchers for the 2016 Trump-Clinton election contest!

As Proverbs 11:3 states, "The integrity of the upright will guide them, but the perversity of the unfaithful will destroy them."

Patriots must step forward to ensure the integrity of the 2016 election. Every contribution given can help ensure the success of this effort.

We need to send out dedicated, honest conservative and Christian poll watchers to ensure that no one is tampering with the election and that the results are accurate.  But we do not have much time left to recruit volunteers.

Please give the most generous contribution that you can today, so that Pray For US will have the resources needed to equip and deploy volunteer poll watchers in time for the election! Use the form on this page to send your donation today!


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