Pray For US: Fire John Boehner

It seems that every time John Boehner tells us to trust him, he gives us yet another reason to doubt him. For example, in the fiscal cliff negotiations he caved to everything that Obama wanted. He has bullied his way through the Tea Party candidates that swept him into power and removed those he couldn’t intimidate from key positions.

Boehner refuses to take the necessary steps to defund Obamacare, something the majority of Americans want; and now, with the immigration bill he presents a bill that if passed will result in a permanent Democrat majority in both the House and the Senate.

The one thing that John Boehner can never foreget is this: he works for the American people. That’s us! If as a boss, you had an employee who time and again lied to you, an employee who said he was going to do the work you assigned for him to do and he didn’t do it, for sure you would take action.

That is what we’re seeking now: ACTION!

Not only did Boehner not do what he said he was going to do, he prevented others who work for you, the taxpayer, from doing it as well! What would you do with that employee?

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That’s right! You would fire him! We as American citizens, taxpayers and voters have an employee who is not doing what we told him to do! We cannot continue to allow this flagrant abuse of power by a man who has shown such disdain for the American people. Why? Why does he continue on this path towards ensuring that his party will be a permanent minority in the Government?

Because he doesn’t care what you think! To John Boehner, this isn’t a Republican versus Democrat issue. It’s a conservative versus progressive issue. And he will side with the progressive wing of whatever party is in power every single time. But you can do something about it. You can influence the government in a powerful way.

Remember the McCain Immigration Bill of 2007? Do you remember the outcry of the American people against the plan that would grant de facto citizenship to more than twenty million illegal immigrants? The senators and representatives do! The response of the American people was a loud, clear “NO!”

The senators and representatives remember the phone calls, the faxes, the emails and they listened to what you had to say and the bill was defeated! Then in an unprecedented move, they tried to pass it yet again in the same year! And the phones, fax machines and email inboxes were screaming at them with another loud, clear “No!”

You stopped the immigration bill because you refused to let the issue die and you did it. Now there is yet another bill seeking to do the same thing. And John Boehner is hoping and praying that you will let him slip amnesty in. Don’t let him do it! He doesn’t want you to know that there is a concerted effort being launched to remove him as Speaker of the House! If enough conservative voices are heard in Washington, if enough take the time to act on this effort, we could have a real constitutional conservative as Speaker of the House.

We could have someone who will stand up to Obama’s power grabs. We could have someone unwilling to make back-room deals with the socialist agenda that keeps getting shoved down our throats. Think about it, you could help us get a real leader. This effort to remove John Boehner is being led by the founder of Pray For US, Charles Benninghoff. His effort is detailed here.

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Think about it. To have a leader who will have the nerve to ask Obama what he was doing during the massacre in Benghazi. To have a leader who respects the efforts of the Tea Party to restore government to its rightful place. And you will be a part of it! You can tell your children and grandchildren that you helped steer the course of our country back to the right paths. The immigration bill is being rushed through so that amnesty can be passed this year!

We need your help at Pray For US to stop it and to do so, we need to fire John Boehner.

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