P4US Launches 2nd Amendment Campaign

Pray For US – Pray For The United States has launched a campaign urging Congress to preserve the Second Amendment. Senator Dianne Feinstein and her Democrat Party colleagues have introduced a number of bills that would infringe on Americans’ sacred right to keep and bear arms. The citizen response to these measures has been overwhelmingly in opposition. The measures would ban firearms that have “scary” military characteristics (that is, physical rather than functional features) and which utilize 19th-century semiautomatic firing capabilities.

As politicians attempt to destroy the basic right of all Americans to defend themselves, citizens, patriots, Christians and veterans have begun speaking out. At a public meeting in New York, where state-level bureaucrats were introducing Governor Cuomo’s new draconian gun ban, the citizens vocally compared Mr. Cuomo to Hitler. They called the state officials communists (which they are) and several threatened to begin forming militias in order to fight their government oppressors. Watch the video of the citizen revolt in Albany, NY, here.

Keep in mind that this happened in liberal New York state. Imagine the anger that Americans are feeling in much more conservative states in America.

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Through their unwillingness to listen to the American people and their attempts to destroy the Constitution, these communists are creating a disastrous situation in America. The fight is currently a battle of words and ideas, but it could easily accelerate and become a new civil war if the politicians don’t listen to We the People.

Christians are commanded to be defenders of their families, their homes, widows, the poor, children and others, as we outlined in a Prayer to Protect Christians from Gun-Grabbers. We must not sit quietly on the sidelines at this time while the federal and state governments attempt to disarm and oppress us.

Pray For US is encouraging our readers to send faxes to the House and Senate and demand that they preserve the Second Amendment.

We must engage these would-be tyrants while we still have a voice to do so. The Second Amendment is not contingent upon crime rates, changing population demographics, a person’s mental health condition (a subjective metric that the government is already trying to abuse in order to disarm veterans), or whether or not a liberal finds a gun to be “scary-looking.” The Second Amendment simply states that the right of “the people” to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

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Since every man and woman is created in the image of God, we are all “the people” and the government (we can no longer call it OUR government since it no longer represents us, only THE government) has no authority to disarm us – ANY of us, regardless of how uncomfortable that thought makes some people.

Please Fax Congress HERE and demand that they preserve the Second Amendment.

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