Prayer for Veterans

Loving Father, have mercy on your people, and open our hearts to peace and love.

Reward all those who courageously gave their lives for the cause of freedom, those who now serve in our nation’s military throughout the world, and those who have served over the decades.

Bless and protect all veterans, especially those who live with chronic suffering from wounds they have sustained in the line of duty. In union with people of goodwill of every nation, may we all work for peace and justice, and thus, seek to end violence and conflict anywhere around the globe.

We ask as well that you bless and protect my brothers in combat, in combat in Viet Nam – an ugly war brought on by man’s perfidy – that lasts to this day in the bodies of millions through poisoning with Agent Orange and mentally with unrecoverable post traumatic stress disorder.  We pray that our government will take care of them and, as well, the veterans of all wars.

We pray that my brothers in arms Marvin, Heinz, John, Chris, Cole, Jack, Hank, Joe and others receive your warming love and fearless embrace.

We pray through Christ our Lord.


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