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Request Title# PrayersDate 
Keep Us Strong in You, Lord007-04-2018View Details
Remove All The Cancer003-23-2018View Details
Please pray003-09-2018View Details
We need to sell our house312-01-2017View Details
Pray for our pastors511-29-2017View Details
Stuff411-24-2017View Details
very bad sinus infection411-18-2017View Details
envy411-05-2017View Details
Job P{rofessor410-27-2017View Details
My Daughter Joy410-22-2017View Details
Scamed608-27-2017View Details
Job Blessing608-25-2017View Details
signing lease and need very scared...of move...308-21-2017View Details
Pray for Brother Bruce\508-17-2017View Details
moving out of North Carolina in future607-27-2017View Details
am scared and frightened about moving process...607-19-2017View Details
need favour from the Lord, that i get an apartment 606-23-2017View Details
birthright606-21-2017View Details
Pray for Our Sister WInnie406-18-2017View Details
Dishonesty relationships406-06-2017View Details
prayer for apartment interview this monday june 5,2017406-02-2017View Details
muslim506-02-2017View Details
Please help me in prayer...705-24-2017View Details
prayer for precious Kristy....305-23-2017View Details
Please pray to overcome605-06-2017View Details
Pray for our brother Ernest Hunt604-24-2017View Details
brain injuries and seizurs.1003-24-2017View Details
Spiritual Happiness403-22-2017View Details
MONEY AND HEALTH403-21-2017View Details
please pray for my irrational fears...403-10-2017View Details
HUAC602-26-2017View Details
Please Pray for Wini\602-12-2017View Details
for my dauther602-12-2017View Details
Please pray for Kevin D. Korenthal701-31-2017View Details
prayer for Donald Trump1101-18-2017View Details
urgency912-27-2016View Details
have had 4 brain injuries....1312-12-2016View Details
HEALTH AND MONEY711-11-2016View Details
For my successful surgery810-20-2016View Details
Trump810-19-2016View Details
PEACE - HOPE - LIFE anxiety/ocd freedom610-17-2016View Details
Successful surgery for wife410-04-2016View Details
marriage509-08-2016View Details
Family accept Christ into their lives1108-08-2016View Details
God Bless America1208-07-2016View Details
fantastic praise report...808-01-2016View Details
Absolutely Big Increase on Car Insurance...1007-28-2016View Details
Getting rid of worrying and anixty without medication and other1107-27-2016View Details
brain injuries...five traumatic brain injuries...1407-26-2016View Details
my whole family1007-25-2016View Details
illness recovery907-25-2016View Details
Peace, mutual understanding and God307-25-2016View Details
Faith Based Business Financing907-25-2016View Details
My Marriage1107-25-2016View Details
Country/Personal Healing907-25-2016View Details
health problem1207-11-2016View Details
My baby sister's husband passed away1207-03-2016View Details
Family1107-03-2016View Details
daughter1007-03-2016View Details
just make THROUGH the day GOD give me without a SEIZURE 1906-27-2016View Details
Prayer for Frank1206-26-2016View Details
Ease my pain1506-26-2016View Details
For Bob1306-26-2016View Details
Revival1406-26-2016View Details
Sunday's Prayer for America1406-26-2016View Details
For Trump to be President in 2016 -to help the unborn1806-22-2016View Details
husbands addiction1606-22-2016View Details
Son-in-law906-22-2016View Details
Healing1606-21-2016View Details
Jerry Fallwell & Franklin Graham1406-21-2016View Details
Suicidal2106-21-2016View Details
Anxiety / panic1106-21-2016View Details
Grandaughter to find work906-20-2016View Details
Brain Injuries906-20-2016View Details
healing from mental illness1206-19-2016View Details
Survive1006-19-2016View Details
Parkinson's1206-19-2016View Details
Please join me in prayer for Nelda1006-16-2016View Details
We pray that GOD WILL BLESS AMERICA!2006-16-2016View Details
Pray for Ronald and a successful operation705-29-2016View Details
A Prayer for Stormy Doe605-24-2016View Details
Good Job505-19-2016View Details
Pray for America1105-18-2016View Details
Prayer Needed Every Thursday, Jail Ministry507-27-2015View Details
Married305-12-2015View Details
2 Prayer Request304-15-2015View Details
Jesus' protection during end times901-11-2015View Details
Serious Health Problems812-30-2014View Details
Salvation needed for my children & grandchildren712-13-2014View Details
Strength for Us Christians612-13-2014View Details
Family of Five Need Prayer + 3 spouses412-13-2014View Details
Give us back our country612-12-2014View Details
Pray for our Nation and its leaders.612-12-2014View Details
Ditch Mitch McConnell511-12-2014View Details
Freedom for Saeed Abedini410-04-2014View Details
Impeachment of President Obama1404-29-2014View Details
Good Job404-25-2014View Details
Save america804-12-2014View Details
Prayer for Fort Hood Victims504-04-2014View Details
family physical/mental strength403-20-2014View Details
Pray for Israel.902-28-2014View Details
A woman with Hodgkins Lymphoma702-27-2014View Details
Healing402-27-2014View Details
believer daughter and three homeschooled children deserted402-06-2014View Details
Loss of jobs501-24-2014View Details
Pray for our Troops overseas910-31-2013View Details
Salvation For Muslim Son And His Family506-30-2013View Details
Our Freedoms406-22-2013View Details
Pray for Don1304-14-2013View Details
Please Heal Our Land1304-02-2013View Details
marriage1303-31-2013View Details
Need help with family903-31-2013View Details
Promotion603-31-2013View Details
For Derrick Martin diagnosed with bone cancer1303-30-2013View Details
Successful Job hunt 2003-25-2013View Details
Pray for US - Pray for the United States3203-17-2013View Details
Lord Save Me203-17-2013View Details

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  1. Russell

    On Jan 26, 2018

    Am in full agreement with the need for Ernest Prayer in this matter. The ONLY reason it has gotten so bad is good people sitting on the side lines not wanting to make waves afraid they may upset someone… AND what I call “CINO’s” (Christians in Name Only). That sit in the many churches and get their ears tickled… and believe “I am a good person, etc. & that is all they need.” They are believing the Lies of Satin… and the Terrorist groups within MOST Churches today.

    Beware of Terrorist Groups in YOUR Church.

    Latest news reports are that now SEVEN Terrorist cell groups have been operating in many of our Churches.

    They have been identified as: Bin Sleepin, Bin Arguin, Bin Fightin, Bin Complainin, Bin Gossipin, Bin Fakin and Bin Missin.

    Their leader, “Lucifer Bin Workin”, trained these groups to destroy “The Body of Christ”.

    The plan is to come into the Church DISGUISED as “Christians” to work within the Church to DISCOURAGE, DISRUPT, and DESTROY.
    They are aka “CINO” (Christians In Name Only).

    However, there have been reports of a eighth group.

    A tiny cell known by the name “Bin Prayin” is actually the only effective counter-terrorism force in the Church. Unlike other terrorist cells, the “Bin Prayin” team does NOT blend in with WHOEVER and / OR WHATEVER comes along.

    “Bin Prayin” does whatever is needed to UPLIFT and ENCOURAGE The “Body of Christ”, both IN and OUTSIDE of the “Church Building”.

    We have noticed that the “Bin Prayin” cell group has different characteristics than the others.

    They have Bin Watchin, Bin Waitin, Bin Fastin, and Bin Longin for their Master, “Jesus Christ” to return.


    However, you can spot them IF you “Bin Lookin”, “Bin Prayin” and “Bin Goin”.
    ALSO… there are many Songs out there that address many of the things that destroy the Church for the inside out. One that comes to mind is by Gary S. Paxton…. “Deacon Possessed” (Is Your Church Deacon Possessed?)

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