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Save america
Submitted By:Buell Vann
Prayer Request:I ask that you pray for all americans and our men and women that have given there lives and bodies and the millions of gallons of blood to keep america from the hands of eveil, let it not be wasted. I as that we stand and keep America free and as each day passes we lose ground , that the lord will sohow us the way to rid the evil that is a upon us all. I am a christian and since 2008 we are now fast tracked into the real hope and change as did Hitler take the people to slaughter. I love my country as I love my lord ! I pray that you will pray that we will over come the darkness that is now upon all Ameicans of faith. I pray for the darkness to be lifted and all may see that the devil wants us to have doubt ,,,,,,,,,,,,we have none so we must show this in a way by speaking out ,,,,,,,enough is enough , God bless us all in the dark days. I thank you for praying and I do daily.

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  1. Russell

    On Jan 26, 2018

    Am in full agreement with the need for Ernest Prayer in this matter. The ONLY reason it has gotten so bad is good people sitting on the side lines not wanting to make waves afraid they may upset someone… AND what I call “CINO’s” (Christians in Name Only). That sit in the many churches and get their ears tickled… and believe “I am a good person, etc. & that is all they need.” They are believing the Lies of Satin… and the Terrorist groups within MOST Churches today.

    Beware of Terrorist Groups in YOUR Church.

    Latest news reports are that now SEVEN Terrorist cell groups have been operating in many of our Churches.

    They have been identified as: Bin Sleepin, Bin Arguin, Bin Fightin, Bin Complainin, Bin Gossipin, Bin Fakin and Bin Missin.

    Their leader, “Lucifer Bin Workin”, trained these groups to destroy “The Body of Christ”.

    The plan is to come into the Church DISGUISED as “Christians” to work within the Church to DISCOURAGE, DISRUPT, and DESTROY.
    They are aka “CINO” (Christians In Name Only).

    However, there have been reports of a eighth group.

    A tiny cell known by the name “Bin Prayin” is actually the only effective counter-terrorism force in the Church. Unlike other terrorist cells, the “Bin Prayin” team does NOT blend in with WHOEVER and / OR WHATEVER comes along.

    “Bin Prayin” does whatever is needed to UPLIFT and ENCOURAGE The “Body of Christ”, both IN and OUTSIDE of the “Church Building”.

    We have noticed that the “Bin Prayin” cell group has different characteristics than the others.

    They have Bin Watchin, Bin Waitin, Bin Fastin, and Bin Longin for their Master, “Jesus Christ” to return.


    However, you can spot them IF you “Bin Lookin”, “Bin Prayin” and “Bin Goin”.
    ALSO… there are many Songs out there that address many of the things that destroy the Church for the inside out. One that comes to mind is by Gary S. Paxton…. “Deacon Possessed” (Is Your Church Deacon Possessed?)

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