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It's official!

On July 13, 2015, Scott Walker announced his candidacy for President of the United States before thousands of supporters at a rally in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

Scott Walker is the right man at the right time. An overwhelming 74 percent of Republican voters believe the Party should choose a governor as the nominee in 2016.

Simply put, Scott Walker is the best candidate to unite all factions of the Republican Party, from Tea Party conservatives to establishment moderates, and lead the Republican Party to victory in 2016.

Norman M. Olney, Executive DirectorNorman M. Olney, Executive Director
Victory 2016 is the new name for the Draft Scott Walker for President Committee. Our objective is the same - electing Scott Walker President.

We need your help in the battle ahead to help elect Scott Walker!

Please send the maximum contribution that you can today using the form to the right!

We will play a crucial role in support of Scott Walker. The Scott Walker campaign is limited to contributions of no more than $2,700.

The Victory 2016 Committee is a SuperPAC and can accept unlimited contributions from individuals and corporations.

Every action taken by the Victory 2016 SuperPAC will be carefully planned by top political professionals to assist in the nomination and election of Scott Walker.

The reality is that every top tier candidate for President will rely on SuperPACs to provide two-thirds-or more-of the funding for their campaign. The Victory 2016 Committee is the SuperPAC working to elect Scott Walker.

Our first priority is to build support in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina -the first four states choosing delegates in 2016.

Iowa is where it all begins and the stakes couldn't be higher. Scott Walker has an advantage in Iowa-he grew up there. He understands Iowans and their concerns better than any of the other candidates and has a deep reservoir of support around the state.

With our help he will win the all-important Iowa caucuses!

Please take decisive action to help Scott Walker NOW! Send the maximum contribution that you can using the form to the right so we can help Scott win BIG in the first primary in Iowa!


Norman M. Olney, Executive Director
Victory 2016 Committee
4230 East Towne Blvd., Suite 700
Madison, Wisconsin 53704
(800) 362-2723




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