Pray For Us December 1, 2013

With Charles Benninghoff and Bob Mallory
KBRT Radio Program
December 1, 2013
Most Americans now believe Obama not a trustworthy fellow.

Most Americans now believe Obama not a trustworthy fellow.

Today's Bible verse is Psalm 26.  A new research study asked whether prayer helps people to resist temptation with surprising results.  Another new poll shows that a majority of Americans now say that Barack Obama is not trustworthy. However, Obama surveyed himself and he claims that people do find him trustworthy.  The family of an American Christian pastor who has been jailed in Iran is devastated after learning that Obama has completely abandoned him and will do nothing to help secure his release.  What would it look like if a Muslim seized control of the White House? A writer asks that question and the answer is no surprise – the nation’s domestic and foreign policy would look exactly the same as it does now under Obama.  We have to remain constantly vigilant to secure and retain our constitutional and biblical rights, so that the federal government doesn’t infringe them. You won’t believe what the Republican-controlled House of Representatives has been quietly working on all year.

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