Pray For US December 8, 2013

With Charles Benninghoff and Bob Mallory
KBRT Radio Program
December 8, 2013
Obama Fires Hundreds of Christian Officers

Obama Fires Hundreds of Christian Officers

Prayer Subject: Romans 13:1-8   We've been predicting for years now that the ultimate goal of Obamacare is to turn the nation’s hospitals into a massive federal labor union.  Right on schedule, the extortion tactics of the SEIU are under way in two states. Plus, Obama has fired hundreds of Christian officers from the military in the past five years. We've found one officer, however, whose job is obviously very safe in Obama’s military and he says he’s going to pry YOUR gun from your cold, dead, fingers. Meanwhile, it made international headlines this week when police in Iceland killed an armed attacker for the first time in decades. The mainstream media claims that gun control is the reason why the crime rate is so low in Iceland, but they’re ignoring one very important point that you should know about. Thousands of Christians are now fleeing for their lives in the Central African Republic. We’ll have an update on how the persecution of the Body of Christ is spreading throughout the world. And you know your system of laws is upside down, unconstitutional and unbiblical when this happens. An unarmed man – I’ll say that again, an UNARMED man – has been charged with shooting two people in New York. We’ll tell you how this gross miscarriage of justice happened.

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