Pray for US January 5, 2014

Charles Benninghoff & Robert Mallory
KBRT Radio Program
Januay 5, 2014
Starbucks Says Straights Not Welcome, Obamacare Flounders!

Starbucks Says Straights Not Welcome, Obamacare Flounders!

Prayer Subject: Matthew 5:44­-59, Psalm 139   Obamacare is officially under way and some reports from across the country regarding how terrible it already is for Americans were shared; The CEO of Starbucks says that if you support traditional marriage, he doesn't want your money. He only wants customers who support homosexual marriage to frequent Starbucks shops. An update on the persecuted church in Iran was discussed and while the US was assured that the new president of Iran was “reform-minded” when he was elected, Christians there say the situation has gotten worse.  Who are the top ten most corrupt elected officials in the US?  You may be surprised to learn the answer to that question.  In closing, Forbes Magazine has listed Obama’s Top 10 Constitutional Violations of 2013.  It was probably very difficult to narrow that list down to 10, but we’ll tell you what they were.

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