Pray For US January 12, 2014

Charles Benninghoff & Robert Mallory
KBRT Radio Program
January 12, 2014
Obama Lies: Al Quaida is not "not on the run"!

Obama Lies: Al Quaida is not "not on the run"!

Prayer Subject: Matthew 28:11­-15   The feds have chosen an Obama donor to lead the investigation into Obama’s use of the IRS to target his political opponents. How do you suppose that investigation will work out?  Plus, do you remember when Obama informed us last year that Al Qaeda is “on the run?” It turns out that Al Qaeda is now a bigger and stronger organization than ever before.  And, how important is gun ownership by private citizens? We have a very encouraging story to share with you about citizen-patriots in Mexico who are fighting back against the drug cartels and their own corrupt federal government.

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