Pray For US January 26, 2014

With Charles Benninghoff and Bob Mallory
KBRT Radio Program
January 26, 2014
Police Brutality in America Surges & More Lies from Obama

Police Brutality in America Surges & More Lies from Obama

Prayer Subject: Luke 3:12-17   Wouldn't it be nice to go to the airport and get on your flight without having to take your shoes off while a federal employee gives you an intimate groping and rifles through your carry-on bag Unfortunately, you’re not allowed that privilege in Obama’s America UNLESS you’re a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. Plus, is police brutality against citizens on the rise in America? We’re seeing more and more instances of citizens suffering tremendous abuse and even being killed by law enforcement officers. And do you remember Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry telling us about that chemical weapon attack in Syria?  Well, European investigators have determined that it was a complete and total lie to try to get us into another war to spread Obama radical Wahabi Muslim belief system; and... And how many Americans actually believe that amnesty for illegal aliens is a top priority? The number according to the latest polling might surprise you.

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