Pray For US November 10, 2013

With Charles Benninghoff and Bob Mallory
KBRT Radio Program
November 10, 2013
Our Upside Down Law and Obamacare Losses

Our Upside Down Law and Obamacare Losses

Prayer Subject: Hebrews 11:23-34  Millions of Americans losing insurance, school district in Virginia only hiring sub teachers, American couples consider divorce all because of Obamacare. Obama has issued more executive orders than all previous presidents combined, bypassing Congress to implement what he called a “fundamental transformation” of America. Next year, American-made ammunition may no longer be available, after Obama’s EPA. Are police forces getting out of control in American communities? People in New Mexico subjected to invasive cavity searches and surgical procedures for minor traffic violations. Obama lifted economic sanctions against Iran without advice and consent of Senate. Is this an impeachable offense? Fascinating story from Jewish newspaper detailing untold history of where many Nazi war criminals fled after WWII. And, examples of how our laws are upside-down in this country and favor the government over the common people. Wait until you hear what the FBI did and YOU could go to jail in many states if you were this irresponsible.

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