Pray For US February 9, 2014

With Charles Benninghoff and Bob Mallory
Pray For US Radio Show
February 9, 2014
Big Push-Back Against Obama's NSA Spying Program

Big Push-Back Against Obama's NSA Spying Program

Prayer Subject: Isaiah 53 With the Muslim Brotherhood out of power in Egypt and Congress refusing to authorize a war in Syria, it means bad news for the Taliban in Afghanistan. It turns out the Taliban is going broke since Obama is unable to funnel any more of your tax dollars into the global jihad movement. Don't Worry the government will always find a way to spend your money. Untold millions of your tax dollars have been spent trying to unravel the mystery of why so many homosexual prostitutes in one South American country are catching venereal diseases. Another case of police brutality has come to our attention. Sheriff’s deputies in Arizona killed a suspected carjacker when the man surrendered to them with his empty hands in the air. And a big push-back against Obama’s NSA spying program. Multiple states are now proposing laws under the Tenth Amendment that would protect their citizens. We’ll tell you about those.  

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