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Pray For US May 18, 2014 Our sermon today will cover 1 Peter 2, verses 13-17. The apostle Peter gives Christians a very clear standard for when we are supposed to engage in civil disobedience. Plus, a Republican Senator says that Barack Obama has a secret list of individuals who are "hands off" at the airports. Security guards aren't even allowed to search the bags of the people on Mr. Obama's list, and here's the most amazing part:  Everyone on this list is a known terrorist! And coming to your neighborhood soon: The Obama administration has released 36,000 illegal aliens from jail and turned them loose on America. It turns out that many of them have convictions for murder, drunk driving and other felonies.  
Pray For US May 11, 2014 Our sermon today will cover Psalm 144 - which deals with the blessings that God bestows on a nation when they faithfully obey Him AND exercise their right to self defense. Plus, the House of Representatives has voted to hold former IRS official Lois Lerner in Contempt of Congress. But will she be prosecuted for hiding the truth? And the evidence now appears to show that Obama lied about the Benghazi attack in order to get reelected in 2012. We'll tell you the latest about that.
Pray For US May 4, 2014 Prayer Subject: Exodus 1:15-22 First, our sermon today will cover two heroes of the faith. We're going to talk about two Hebrew women who risked their lives to engage in civil disobedience against a murderous tyrant. Plus, the Citizens’ Commission on Benghazi has issued its initial report on what really happened to our embassy personnel on September 11, 2012. This commission alleges that the US has switched sides in the War on Terror. And why has Barack Obama hired a well-known criminal defense attorney to serve as the White House Counsel? That move has a lot of people scratching their heads.
Pray For US April 27, 2014 Prayer Subject: Matthew 25:34-40   Pat Nolan, Director of the Criminal Justice Reform Project at American Conservative Union Foundation and formerly a Republican Leader of the California Assembly and the president of Justice Fellowship joins us. Pat has spent a lifetime working to reform our failing and broken criminal justice system in America. Then,  the importance of civil disobedience from Christians in an America that is growing increasingly hostile toward the faith, especially at the federal level. And we’ll fill you in on a new push from the US Senate to classify Christian radio programs like this one as “hate speech,” so they can take us off the air.
Pray For US April 20, 2014 Prayer Subject: 1 Samuel 8:10-20   First, is Senator Harry Reid pulling the strings of the federal agencies that are trying to kick rancher Cliven Bundy off of his land in Nevada?  We'll take a look at the evidence. Plus, what will happen when a massive new tax increase goes into effect on July 1st?  We'll take a look at the so-called "fat-cat tax." And was the entire Executive Branch involved in the IRS scandal?  New emails have surfaced that prove that Lois Lerner was communicating with the Justice Department about prosecuting conservative Christian groups.  
Pray For Us April 13, 2014 Prayer Subject: 1 Samuel 8:10-20   First, how do you get Obama to enforce the laws that are passed by Congress? We'll tell you about the ENFORCE the Law Act, which already passed the House and is now making its way through the Senate.  Plus, what can we expect to happen if Obama gives up administrative control of the internet? Some believe the first act of the UN will be to set up a tax on your internet use. And what did you think would happen when the Department of Homeland Security told Border Patrol guards to run away if illegal aliens throw rocks at them?  
Pray For US April 6, 2014 Prayer Subject: Matthew 18:1-7   We are one step closer to learning the truth in the IRS targeting scandal, in which the Obama administration prevented Tea Party and Christian groups from participating in the 2012 elections.  Plus, is it time to impeach House Speaker John Boehner? His recent actions in the House of Representatives have been absolutely outrageous. And Obama scalps America’s tomahawks. You won't believe how Obama wants to scalp the US military’s capability in his latest budget proposal.
Pray For US March 30, 2014 Prayer Subject: Matthew 18:1-7   The IRS refuses to come clean about the abuse of conservative Christian groups. We'll tell you what YOU can do about it.  And if we have time, we'll let you know about the latest plan from the Obama regime to provide nuclear training and flight training to members of the Muslim Brotherhood. And we want to warn you about a tax increase that goes into effect July 1st.  This tax hike will affect every American with a bank account.
Pray For US March 23, 2014 Prayer Subject: 2 Chronicles 7:12-18    If you believed Obama when he said that Al Qaeda is "on the run," you might want to rethink that. The Sunni Muslim terrorist group is publishing a magazine now, and the latest issue has a plan and DETAILED instructions on how to carry out car bomb attacks in America.  Plus, Hillary Clinton wants to make abortion a "human right." We'll tell you about her monstrous campaign to be the next president of the United States through executing American babies and replacing them with aliens and the godless platform that she's already running on. And Obama wants to hand over administrative control of the Internet to the United Nations. We'll tell you what that means for your WALLET.
Pray For US March 16, 2014 Prayer Subject: Genesis 47:13-20   Obama's Sunni Muslim friends in Syria -- the ones he wanted to send American troops in to die for -- are now conducting human sacrifices using Christian victims.  Plus, more 501(c)(3) pastors are kicking Jesus to the curb, by urging their congregations to sign up for Obamacare. Another gun-grabbing nut has been chosen for a Cabinet position in the Obama administration. We'll tell you about the latest threat to your Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.
Pray For US March 9, 2014 Prayer Subject : Luke 23:32-43   501(c)(3) - the yoke that enslaves our churches, denies them freedom of speech and violates our constitution, raises its ugly head once again. The number of illegal alien children coming to the US has skyrocketed by more than 800 percent in the past three years, ever since Obama granted amnesty to illegal children through an Executive Order. Plus, gun sales climbed dramatically in 2013, and wouldn't you know it, violent crime is down according to the FBI - in fact, killing of peace officers is the lowest since 1887. And if you've ever thought that Democrats don't have a sense of humor, you'd be right. We'll tell you about a scientific study that was just published in the New York Times.
Pray for US February 23, 2014 Our Scripture passage today is in the book of Judges and Luke, and we are continuing our discussion of self defense, which is currently protected under the Second Amendment - the part of our constitution that enshrines your right to keep and bear arms.  Judges is an obscure passage in the Old Testament while Luke quotes Jesus himself who stated, if you do not own a sword sell your shirt and buy; which we take today to mean a modern equivalent - a firearm.  Judges 5:6-11, Luke 22:36
Pray For US February 16, 2014 Prayer Subjects: Exodus 22:2, Nehemiah 4:13-14, Esther 8:11, Psalm 82:4 and Luke 22:36   Good news if you're a Muslim terrorist or if you've ever donated money to a Muslim terrorist organization. Obama has made it easier for you to enter the United States now. And another incident in which the US military, specifically the Ohio National Guard, labels Second Amendment supporters as a terrorist threat during a training exercise. And what do you do when gun-grabbers outlaw a firearm because of the way it looks? One gun-maker in New York state has the answer, and the gun-grabbers are hopping mad about it.
Pray For US February 9, 2014 Prayer Subject: Isaiah 53 With the Muslim Brotherhood out of power in Egypt and Congress refusing to authorize a war in Syria, it means bad news for the Taliban in Afghanistan. It turns out the Taliban is going broke since Obama is unable to funnel any more of your tax dollars into the global jihad movement. Don't Worry the government will always find a way to spend your money. Untold millions of your tax dollars have been spent trying to unravel the mystery of why so many homosexual prostitutes in one South American country are catching venereal diseases. Another case of police brutality has come to our attention. Sheriff’s deputies in Arizona killed a suspected carjacker when the man surrendered to them with his empty hands in the air. And a big push-back against Obama’s NSA spying program. Multiple states are now proposing laws under the Tenth Amendment that would protect their citizens. We’ll tell you about those.  
Pray For US February 2, 2014 Prayer Subject: Acts 5:22-32   One of the biggest civilian mass murderers in recent history, Anders Breivik in Norway, confessed he's a MUSLIM & the media has been playing right into his hands… Sounds like Obama, doesn’t it? Plus, there was an item that was conspicuously left out of Obama’s State of the Union address this week. We’ll have an update on his good friend, Muslim Brotherhood President Mohammed Morsi. And Obama successfully carried out Yemen’s first fatal drone strike of the year. Suspected Al Qaeda members targeted escaped, but Obama did kill nearby farmer who was minding his own business. Attorney General Eric Holder is nation’s top lawyer; but couldn't explain constitutional basis for executive orders such as Obama's delay employer mandate; and, find out his excuse. And finally, America has turned into a completely godless nation, according to one world leader. I never thought that I would live to see the day when this happened. We’ll tell you which CHRISTIAN nation has some especially harsh words for the United States under Obama.  
Pray For US January 26, 2014 Prayer Subject: Luke 3:12-17   Wouldn't it be nice to go to the airport and get on your flight without having to take your shoes off while a federal employee gives you an intimate groping and rifles through your carry-on bag Unfortunately, you’re not allowed that privilege in Obama’s America UNLESS you’re a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. Plus, is police brutality against citizens on the rise in America? We’re seeing more and more instances of citizens suffering tremendous abuse and even being killed by law enforcement officers. And do you remember Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry telling us about that chemical weapon attack in Syria?  Well, European investigators have determined that it was a complete and total lie to try to get us into another war to spread Obama radical Wahabi Muslim belief system; and... And how many Americans actually believe that amnesty for illegal aliens is a top priority? The number according to the latest polling might surprise you.
Pray For US January 19, 2014 Prayer Subject: Psalm 127   Great Britain is finding out the hard way that unlimited LEGAL immigration carries some serious problems with it.  A new study shows that their society is become gender-lopsided, because many of the foreign cultures they are inviting in are aborting girls. Speaking of immigration, one of the top Republicans in the House of Representatives has made a change to his website. He has dropped opposition to amnesty for illegal aliens from his webpage.  This is from a Republican elected by opposing it. Federal agencies of the Obama regime wrote 80,000 pages of new regulations in 2013 and they expect you to follow them to the letter. And one of the most prominent figures in America today has discovered the power of prayer. We’ll tell you who it is.
Pray For US January 12, 2014 Prayer Subject: Matthew 28:11­-15   The feds have chosen an Obama donor to lead the investigation into Obama’s use of the IRS to target his political opponents. How do you suppose that investigation will work out?  Plus, do you remember when Obama informed us last year that Al Qaeda is “on the run?” It turns out that Al Qaeda is now a bigger and stronger organization than ever before.  And, how important is gun ownership by private citizens? We have a very encouraging story to share with you about citizen-patriots in Mexico who are fighting back against the drug cartels and their own corrupt federal government.
Pray for US January 5, 2014 Prayer Subject: Matthew 5:44­-59, Psalm 139   Obamacare is officially under way and some reports from across the country regarding how terrible it already is for Americans were shared; The CEO of Starbucks says that if you support traditional marriage, he doesn't want your money. He only wants customers who support homosexual marriage to frequent Starbucks shops. An update on the persecuted church in Iran was discussed and while the US was assured that the new president of Iran was “reform-minded” when he was elected, Christians there say the situation has gotten worse.  Who are the top ten most corrupt elected officials in the US?  You may be surprised to learn the answer to that question.  In closing, Forbes Magazine has listed Obama’s Top 10 Constitutional Violations of 2013.  It was probably very difficult to narrow that list down to 10, but we’ll tell you what they were.
Pray For US December 29, 2013 Prayer Subject: Matthew 10:34-39.   Green ammunition. Investors’ Business Daily says that the Obama regime is enacting gun control under our noses through new regulations from the Environmental Protection Agency? Plus, America’s demographic decline continues. As the Obama regime works to bring 50 million illegal aliens into the country, a Catholic priest says Americans are “contracepting” themselves out of business. And is the Department of Homeland Security helping the Mexican drug cartels and human smugglers to sneak more illegal aliens into the country? A federal judge in Texas says they are. And a Saudi Arabian think tank is asking America and Europe to make a tiny change in our laws – specifically, they want us to enforce the death penalty for a new crime. We’ll tell you what it is.
Pray for US December 22, 2013 Prayer Subject:  Matthew 5:10-12.   The star of ‘Duck Dynasty’ was fired and kicked off the air this week for quoting the Bible on homosexuality. At the same time as homosexuals are being given protected status in our society, the Obama regime is openly promoting Islam. How do you suppose that cultural clash is going to work out?  Plus, do you remember when Obama promised to unite America rather than divide us?  It seems that this promise has finally come to fruition, because now EVERYONE hates Obamacare.   Meanwhile, a judge has ruled that polygamy should be legal in the United States.  The reasoning that he used to come to this conclusion was the exact same argument that has been used to “legalize” marriage between homosexuals.  Supporters of the National Defense Authorization Act – known as the NDAA – say they’ve protected your civil liberties in this year’s version.
Pray For US December 15, 2013 Prayer Subject: Isaiah 43:5-21   Just how bad is Obamacare so far? It’s cost our nation more than $14,000 per enrollee – and those folks don’t even have health insurance yet.  Even worse, one state alone has now spent almost $7 million per person to get them signed up for Obamacare. Plus, the teachers’ unions claim that poverty or “income disparity” is the real reason why American schools are failing our kids. If that’s true, then why are kids in Viet Nam scoring higher on standardized tests? Meanwhile, a judge has ruled that polygamy should be legal in the United States.  The reasoning that he used to come to this conclusion was the exact same argument that has been used to “legalize” marriage between homosexuals. And last year on the campaign trail, Obama told his closest aides that he is “really good at killing people.” Wait until you hear about the international war crime that he committed this time.
Pray For US December 8, 2013 Prayer Subject: Romans 13:1-8   We've been predicting for years now that the ultimate goal of Obamacare is to turn the nation’s hospitals into a massive federal labor union.  Right on schedule, the extortion tactics of the SEIU are under way in two states. Plus, Obama has fired hundreds of Christian officers from the military in the past five years. We've found one officer, however, whose job is obviously very safe in Obama’s military and he says he’s going to pry YOUR gun from your cold, dead, fingers. Meanwhile, it made international headlines this week when police in Iceland killed an armed attacker for the first time in decades. The mainstream media claims that gun control is the reason why the crime rate is so low in Iceland, but they’re ignoring one very important point that you should know about. Thousands of Christians are now fleeing for their lives in the Central African Republic. We’ll have an update on how the persecution of the Body of Christ is spreading throughout the world. And you know your system of laws is upside down, unconstitutional and unbiblical when this happens. An unarmed man – I’ll say that again, an UNARMED man – has been charged with shooting two people in New York. We’ll tell you how this gross miscarriage of justice happened.
Pray for US December 1, 2013 Today's Bible verse is Psalm 26.  A new research study asked whether prayer helps people to resist temptation with surprising results.  Another new poll shows that a majority of Americans now say that Barack Obama is not trustworthy. However, Obama surveyed himself and he claims that people do find him trustworthy.  The family of an American Christian pastor who has been jailed in Iran is devastated after learning that Obama has completely abandoned him and will do nothing to help secure his release.  What would it look like if a Muslim seized control of the White House? A writer asks that question and the answer is no surprise – the nation’s domestic and foreign policy would look exactly the same as it does now under Obama.  We have to remain constantly vigilant to secure and retain our constitutional and biblical rights, so that the federal government doesn’t infringe them. You won’t believe what the Republican-controlled House of Representatives has been quietly working on all year.
Pray For US November 24, 2013 (Repeat of 11/10/2013)Prayer Subject: Hebrews 11:23-34  Millions of Americans losing insurance, school district in Virginia only hiring sub teachers, American couples consider divorce all because of Obamacare. Obama has issued more executive orders than all previous presidents combined, bypassing Congress to implement what he called a “fundamental transformation” of America. Next year, American-made ammunition may no longer be available, after Obama’s EPA. Are police forces getting out of control in American communities? People in New Mexico subjected to invasive cavity searches and surgical procedures for minor traffic violations. Obama lifted economic sanctions against Iran without advice and consent of Senate. Is this an impeachable offense? Fascinating story from Jewish newspaper detailing untold history of where many Nazi war criminals fled after WWII. And, examples of how our laws are upside-down in this country and favor the government over the common people. Wait until you hear what the FBI did and YOU could go to jail in many states if you were this irresponsible.

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