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Pray For US November 17, 2013 Prayer Subject: 1 Peter 2:13-14   Democrats promised that Obamacare would create millions of new jobs. The promise has come true! There has been a dramatic increase in the number of healthy young women going into prostitution, so they can pay for their health insurance. Students at Historically black college railing against Obama because campus health care plan canceled. Obama’s Sunni Muslim friends killed more than 1,400 people in October (mostly Christians). Are police forces getting out of control in American communities? People in New Mexico subjected to invasive cavity searches. Man armed with a gun robbed a convenience store in the town of Rhine, Georgia. You won't believe what happened next.
Pray For US November 10, 2013 Prayer Subject: Hebrews 11:23-34  Millions of Americans losing insurance, school district in Virginia only hiring sub teachers, American couples consider divorce all because of Obamacare. Obama has issued more executive orders than all previous presidents combined, bypassing Congress to implement what he called a “fundamental transformation” of America. Next year, American-made ammunition may no longer be available, after Obama’s EPA. Are police forces getting out of control in American communities? People in New Mexico subjected to invasive cavity searches and surgical procedures for minor traffic violations. Obama lifted economic sanctions against Iran without advice and consent of Senate. Is this an impeachable offense? Fascinating story from Jewish newspaper detailing untold history of where many Nazi war criminals fled after WWII. And, examples of how our laws are upside-down in this country and favor the government over the common people. Wait until you hear what the FBI did and YOU could go to jail in many states if you were this irresponsible.
Pray For Us November 3, 2013 Prayer subject: Hebrews 11:31-34   197 officers fired from the military in the last five years.  Is it Obama’s homosexual-ization of the military, or because officers are failing Obama’s “litmus test”. How governments are destroying marriages and lives. 2 stories: one from China & one Belgium: highlight ways in which Obama’s big government programs and health care takeover are going to wreck America. D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals STRUCK DOWN the birth control mandate in Obamacare – Obama now wants to destroy that court. Two Christian families in Pakistan had to flee for their lives after it was discovered that they sold fireworks to Muslims that didn't work. We've finally found something that Nobel Peace Prize winner Hussein Obama is REALLY GOOD at! When you find out what it is, it just might make you sick.
Pray For US October 27, 2013 Prayer Subject: Psalm 23   Why is Obama firing so many American generals, and what does this have to do with an earthquake that happened on October 8th? We were promised that we could keep our health insurance if we like it, but millions of Americans are now getting cancellation notices from their insurance companies, thanks to Obamacare. The NEA and other teachers’ unions are opposing a bill that would protect children from sex offenders. The American police state – Attendees at Pumpkin Fest 2013 in New Hampshire were surprised to see military sniper teams keeping an eye on them. HOW DO WE COMBAT ISLAM AT A GLOBAL LEVEL? The head of Interpol says he thinks he has the answer and it might surprise you.
Pray For US October 20, 2013 Prayer Subject: James 2:1-4   Obamacare, betrayal of the RINOS, how do we move forward? Move-On dot Org petitions for the arrest of GOP conservatives. A Muslim Department of Homeland Security Adviser says Tea Party Christians are Racists. The New Jersey Supreme Court makes up another marriage law solely for queers and lesbians. WHO DO YOU THINK IS GOING TO BE PUT TO THE FIRING SQUAD – 11 men tried and true , will put a bullet, through you , if you follow the law and  tell the public all  
Pray For US October 13, 2013 (Repeat of 10/6/2013)Prayer Subject: Matthew 28:18-20   Obama’s Non-Existent Government “Shutdown.” South Carolina Criminalizes Obamacare. Implementation Obamacare Redefines ‘Cancer’ to Deny Life-Saving Cancer Treatments. Saudi Cleric Says Women Who Drive Risk Damaging Their Ovaries. Christians Can No Longer Adopt Children in Ultra-Homosexual Massachusetts. Obama’s Massive NSA Spying Program Has Not Stopped Any Terrorist Attacks. British Muslims Adopt 9-year-old Marriages.
Pray For US October 6, 2013 Prayer Subject: Matthew 28:18-20   Obama’s Non-Existent Government “Shutdown.” South Carolina Criminalizes Obamacare. Implementation Obamacare Redefines ‘Cancer’ to Deny Life-Saving Cancer Treatments. Saudi Cleric Says Women Who Drive Risk Damaging Their Ovaries. Christians Can No Longer Adopt Children in Ultra-Homosexual Massachusetts. Obama’s Massive NSA Spying Program Has Not Stopped Any Terrorist Attacks. British Muslims Adopt 9-year-old Marriages.
Pray For US September 29, 2013 Prayer Subject: Psalm 139   The House has voted to delay Obamacare one year. Abortions will cost one buck under Obamacare. Obamacare promotes divorce, destroys families. Eric Cantor Throws in the Towel, Praises Bill Ayers’ Favorite Marxist. Private Citizen with a Pistol Rescues Scores of People in Kenya Mall Attack. New U.N. Global Warming Report Ignores Data which Proves that Global Warming Is Not Happening  
Pray For US September 22, 2013 Prayer Subject: Psalm 139   Will the Senate Be Able to Block Funding for Obamacare? Sunni Muslims Blow Up 78 Christians in Pakistan at a Church Service. Corporate Cronyism: Google Was Buying Its Jet Fuel from the Pentagon, heavily discounted. Obama Waives Ban on Arming Terrorists.Tax Expert: ‘Staying Unmarried Is the Tax Shelter for the Poor’. 14 Gun-Grabbing Bills on the California Governor’s Desk.
Pray For US September 15, 2013 Prayer subject: Psalm 25:1-22  Obama’s Abject Failure in Syria. Embrace Homosexuality or Lose Your 501(c)3 Status. Little Rock, AR School District Imposes “Must Wear Underwear” Policy for All Teachers; Labor Unions “Vocally” Opposed. The Wicked Protecting the Wicked: The FBI is Not Investigating the IRS Scandal. Colorado Lawmakers Ousted over Gun Control Laws. The Disastrous Campaign to Rid the Middle East of Christianity.
Pray For US September 8, 2013 Prayer Subject: John 3:17-18   Syrian Christians Need Help, Not Military Intervention. The Environmental Protection Agency Raids the Town of Chicken, Alaska. 96% of the Jobs Created in America This Year Have Been Part-Time Jobs. NSA Circumvents Encryption of Your Private Data with the Help of Microsoft, Google, Yahoo and other Companies. San Antonio Passes Ordinance Banning Anyone Who Opposes Homosexuality from Running for Office. Global Warming? No, Actually, We’re Cooling.
Pray For US August 25, 2013 Prayer Subject: Luke 19:12-13  Obama’s Bribery of Muslim Brotherhood members. Also, the White House Spokesman jokes about Christians being slaughtered in Egypt. NYT Settles out of court for publishing false accusations of John McCain having an affair with a female lobbyist. Sebelius says that amnesty is needed to increase Obamacare enrollment:. Has the “Tea Party” movement been an abject failure.
Pray For US August 18, 2013 Prayer Subject: John 8:43-:45   Egypt asks Russia and China for Help against Obama’s allies in the Muslim Brotherhood. Congressman finds dead illegal alien while checking to see how secure the border is. Chris Christie vetoes anti-gun bill that he demanded. Two Democrats warn that the NSA domestic peeping tom program is far worse than anyone realizes yet. Egypt’s one-sided media coverage of the ‘Day of Rage’.
Pray for US August 11, 2013 Prayer Subject: 2 Peter 2:21-22   USA Today article exposes how the FBI helps commit 5,600 crimes a year. Also, discussed - the latest saddening attitudes toward the value of human life in the UK. Congress wants to be exempt from the Obamacare that it mandated the rest of us to use. Also, find out about Hollywood's practice of censoring films on request, first from Nazi Germany in the 1930's and now from communist China. Finally, why is a gay couple seeking to invoke spousal privilege in a Kentucky murder trial?
Pray for Us August 4, 2013 Is a one dollar McDonald's double cheeseburger really the most nutritious food available for its cost? Also, data a survey exclusive to Associated Press states that 4 out of 5 Americans are living with joblessness and poverty, while we send more and more money and jobs overseas and allow people who are here illegally to draw millions in benefits.
Pray for Us July 28, 2013 IRS public sector union members don't want to be covered by Obamacare. In addition, they ask why Mexico is imprisoning Central Americans who dare try to work there. The Whitey Bulger case is also discussed, which could be renamed as "When the government IS organized crime." The latest DOJ transgender toilet use case is discussed along with Obama's drone attacks in Pakistan, which have killed at least 94 children. Finally, hear the latest about the newest 3D-printed weapon.
Pray for Us July 21, 2103 Detroit's bankruptcy; it's just the beginning of out of control debt throughout cities in the US, while China is selling all US debt and opening its interest rate to 10%. The latest Trayvon Martin news: what caused his bloody knuckles? Meanwhile, his family settles a suit against the homeowners' association and the NAACP argues non-existent "facts" on national television. Finally, the immigration plan and how it is likely to destroy the black community.
Pray for US July 14, 2013 Call for prayer for Christians in Nigeria, Egypt, and Syria, as many are being murdered for their faith, as well as a discussion of the Suni and Shia sects of Islam. Also, why is our media not reporting the events leading to the burning of over 30 innocent children at the hands of Boko Haram? In addition, the rise in congenital birth defects in a community in the UK is discussed - 38% of the babies born there are born to first cousins.
Pray for Us July 7, 2013 What does "Boko Haram" mean? Also, the story of a police chief who is killed execution style by the Mexican mafia. The Muslin birth defect rate of 39% is also discussed. And hear about the newest pro-life advocates: even the Church of Satan doesn't want to be associated with the Democrats. Finally, learn about the Red-state gathering in New Orleans on August 2nd and 3rd.
Pray for Us June 30, 2013 A nation of bribery - from cell phones for illegal aliens provided by Mexican Business, to a deplorable immigration bill, how politicians, corporations, and voter groups are using bribery to corrupt America and American foundational values
Pray for Us June 23, 2013 Social Security issues - What happened to the "trust fund" for every worker? Also, how has immigration affected California from its Reagan days until 2013? And more news on the Snowden case - the fate of the whistleblowers
Pray for Us March 31, 2013 John 2:13 and following gives us a surprising glimpse into those who wanted Christ executed. Also, information about today's money-changers and what they are planning - in Cypress, big depositors at Cypress' largest banks may take a loss of up to 60% of their wealth in order to save Cypress from bankruptcy. And this kind of thinking is headed our way; in some ways it is already here.
Pray for Us March 24, 2013 Among today's topics - Sequestering. Why is Obama shutting down the air control in our small airports while sending Joe Biden and his entourage on an expensive trip to the UK and sending 1 billion dollars in aid to countries and groups who want all Christians killed?
Pray for Us March 17, 2013 Pope Francisco - the royal press is celebrating a "new era" in the Church through the election of the first Latin American Pope...except he is not very far removed as an Argentinian from Italy. It's not a new era; it's just more of the same.
Pray for Us March 10, 2013 Discussions include the election of Pope Francisco and the worldwide press hoopla surrounding this extremely non-extraordinary event. The ongoing molestation of minors issues, the bacchanals involving church clergy and Italian Mafia operation of the Vatican Bank are also among the topics. (Repeat)

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