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Pray for Us November 18, 2012 Ray “Padre” Johnson, Awarded Navy Cross, 1 Silver & 2 Bronze Stars, 2 Purple Hearts; Famed Artist & Author of Journeys Global Family, Speaker on Civility in Common Discourse, Adapting to Global Societies & Cross-Cultural Cooperation.
Pray for Us November 25, 2012 Steven Greenhut, Journalist & Author of Plunder – How Public Sector Unions Are Bankrupting USA
Pray for Us December 2, 2012 Interview with Kevin Jackson of The Black Sphere LLC. Also the defeat of NDAA Indefinite Lock-up & Execution Provisions in Senate. Finally, 56 million died last century to support gun control; how many will die this century?
Pray for Us December 9, 2012 Joe Miller, Esq. of Alaska, Gulf War hero and American Patriot, is interviewed. Learn why the revisions to Social Security mean we should change the name to "Federal Benefit Payment Entitlement." The fact that illegals cost America up to twice what they contribute is discussed. Also, how the passing of Proposition 30's tax increase on "rich people" is causing a freefall of revenue in California. Finally, the Director General of BBC's surprising answer when asked why they are so careful not to offend Muslims while frequently treating Christians with scorn.
Pray for Us December 16, 2012 Interview with Steve C. Boehman, Tea Party chapter leader from Lanesville, Kentucky. Also, more implications of Obamacare - Zoe's story
Pray for Us December 23, 2012 (Repeat of 12/2/12) Interview with Kevin Jackson of The Black Sphere LLC. Also the defeat of NDAA Indefinite Lock-up & Execution Provisions in Senate. Finally, 56 million died last century to support gun control; how many will die this century?
Pray for Us December 30, 2012 Joe Turner, Career Student of California Politics, in Studio – California Topics & John Kerry. Also, Obama orders pay raise for Biden, members of Congress, and federal workers. Also, civil disobedience is discussed.
Pray for Us January 6, 2013 The John Kerry Petition - his involvement in the anti-war movement. And Joseph Farah of WND asks, is it time to consider civil disobedience? Discussion about the Sanctity of Life.
Pray for Us January 13, 2013 Interview with Glenn Grothman. Also, why is the crime rate in the UK so much higher than in the US?
Pray for Us January 20, 2013 Todd Nettleton, CEO of Voice of Martyrs (, Muslim Oppression of Christians
Pray For Us January 27, 2013 The Falsity of Global Warming; Bill Ayers, Sad State of USA Education, are all discussed
Pray for Us February 3, 2013 Patrick J. Nolan of Justice Fellowship – Stunning Supreme Court Decision against Mr. Obama
Pray for Us February 10, 2013 Ken Delfino, American Patriot and Combat Veteran of the Viet Nam War, will discuss the role of government in our lives especially as envisioned by Agenda 21 proponents. Ken believes, as Plato stated, “The punishment of a man who does not involve himself in government is to be governed by worse men.”
Pray for Us February 17, 2013 Todd Nettleton, CEO of Voice of Martyrs (, Muslim Oppression of Christians with hosts Charles Benninghoff and Robert Mallory (Repeat)
Pray for Us February 24, 2013 The impact on Christianity of the widespread abuse patterns in the Catholic Church are discussed, including charges that Italian Mafia figures now control the Vatican Bank through blackmail using 1080p HD videos of Romanesque bacchanals involving high church clergy and officials in compromising situations.
Pray for Us March 3, 2013 Recent events are discussed, including the looming Trans-Pacific Partnership which is a “treaty” Obama seeks to impose upon the United States that will allow United Nations control over 25% of the land in this country. Mr. Obama’s other moves in support of radical jihad and the Muslim brotherhood were also discussed such as his sending billions in arms to Egypt and supporting the terrorists in Syria.
Pray for Us March 10, 2013 Discussions include the election of Pope Francisco and the worldwide press hoopla surrounding this extremely non-extraordinary event. The ongoing molestation of minors issues, the bacchanals involving church clergy and Italian Mafia operation of the Vatican Bank are also among the topics. (Repeat)
Pray for Us March 17, 2013 Pope Francisco - the royal press is celebrating a "new era" in the Church through the election of the first Latin American Pope...except he is not very far removed as an Argentinian from Italy. It's not a new era; it's just more of the same.
Pray for Us March 24, 2013 Among today's topics - Sequestering. Why is Obama shutting down the air control in our small airports while sending Joe Biden and his entourage on an expensive trip to the UK and sending 1 billion dollars in aid to countries and groups who want all Christians killed?
Pray for Us March 31, 2013 John 2:13 and following gives us a surprising glimpse into those who wanted Christ executed. Also, information about today's money-changers and what they are planning - in Cypress, big depositors at Cypress' largest banks may take a loss of up to 60% of their wealth in order to save Cypress from bankruptcy. And this kind of thinking is headed our way; in some ways it is already here.
Pray for Us June 23, 2013 Social Security issues - What happened to the "trust fund" for every worker? Also, how has immigration affected California from its Reagan days until 2013? And more news on the Snowden case - the fate of the whistleblowers
Pray for Us June 30, 2013 A nation of bribery - from cell phones for illegal aliens provided by Mexican Business, to a deplorable immigration bill, how politicians, corporations, and voter groups are using bribery to corrupt America and American foundational values
Pray for Us July 7, 2013 What does "Boko Haram" mean? Also, the story of a police chief who is killed execution style by the Mexican mafia. The Muslin birth defect rate of 39% is also discussed. And hear about the newest pro-life advocates: even the Church of Satan doesn't want to be associated with the Democrats. Finally, learn about the Red-state gathering in New Orleans on August 2nd and 3rd.
Pray for US July 14, 2013 Call for prayer for Christians in Nigeria, Egypt, and Syria, as many are being murdered for their faith, as well as a discussion of the Suni and Shia sects of Islam. Also, why is our media not reporting the events leading to the burning of over 30 innocent children at the hands of Boko Haram? In addition, the rise in congenital birth defects in a community in the UK is discussed - 38% of the babies born there are born to first cousins.
Pray for Us July 21, 2103 Detroit's bankruptcy; it's just the beginning of out of control debt throughout cities in the US, while China is selling all US debt and opening its interest rate to 10%. The latest Trayvon Martin news: what caused his bloody knuckles? Meanwhile, his family settles a suit against the homeowners' association and the NAACP argues non-existent "facts" on national television. Finally, the immigration plan and how it is likely to destroy the black community.

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