Refugee Resettlement Funding Vote Imminent

The omnibus spending bill contains full funding for Obama’s Syrian refugees in spite of serious threats of infiltration by ISIL terrorists. The vote is scheduled for Wednesday, Dec. 16, 2015 in the House followed by a same-day Senate vote.

Pressure from Pray For US and other like-minded organizations delayed the omnibus spending bill vote, which was originally supposed to place on Friday Dec. 11. The second thing that delayed the vote, we believe, was this admission from Rep. Mike McCaul (R-TX), the Chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security:

It is no longer speculation that ISIL or other jihadi groups MIGHT infiltrate the refugee population in Syria which includes Muslims from South Africa to Afghanistan and all countries in between. Without compromising classified information, Rep. McCaul has told the American people that it is definitely being attempted – if it has not already happened!


To tell Congress to strip the Muslim refugee resettlement funds out of the omnibus spending bill. Click HERE to take action immediately!


Image of Pray for US Pray for the United States Contribution Frame Image reports that Barack Obama is hiding this information from the American people in order to protect his Muslim resettlement efforts.

It is outrageous that congressional leadership is ignoring the will of the American people by continuing to fully fund Obama’s Muslim refugee program. A majority of Americans agree with presidential candidate Donald Trump’s position that America needs to halt all Islamic immigration until further notice.

Obama, House Speaker Paul Ryan and others have smugly informed us that there cannot possibly be a religious test when it comes to accepting Muslim refugees like the San Bernardino killers and the Boston Marathon bombers.

Yet in an official State Department meeting in 2015 with leaders from the Anglican church, who were seeking to bring Christian refugees over from Syria (actual persecuted people who fit the definition of the word “refugee”), the State Department informed them there was “No way” that the US would accept Christians “based on their religious affiliation.”

Typical hypocrisy from Obama and his congressional enablers! No litmus test for religion, but Christian refugees are not allowed to enter the USA.

Based on the words of the House Homeland Security Committee Chairman, the FBI Director, the Homeland Security Secretary and the Director of National Intelligence, no background checks are possible on Muslim refugees from Syria, the broader Middle East and Africa. In addition, ABC News reported last week that the Islamic State now has a passport printing machine and blank passports, and is able to reproduce authentic false identities using that technology.

Muslim refugee resettlement is truly insane and it will invite more jihadis to America to attack us. This program needs to be shut down for the good and safety of the American people and specifically for the sake of the Christians who will no doubt be targeted by Obama’s jihadis.


Click HERE to tell Congress to defund Barack Obama’s Muslim refugee resettlement program in the omnibus bill!

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