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Demand Constitutional Government: End Obama's Executive Order Dictatorship!

Democrats Now Writing
Executive Orders:
Our Constitution Must Be Upheld!

Obama says that he intends to rule by Executive Order instead of using the Constitution to form our laws, so now Democrats in Congress are jumping on board.

Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee (D-TX) says that Democrats will now help Obama in his dictatorship, by writing Executive Orders for him to sign.

"In fact," says Jackson-Lee, "I think that should be our number one agenda."

The Democrats will completely bypass the conservative majority opposition in the House, so they can do anything they want to you and your family.

There's just one problem with this plan:

Charles Benninghoff, FounderCharles Benninghoff, Founder
The U.S. Constitution!

Our Constitution forbids the creation of laws by the Executive Branch, which is what Obama has been doing!

Please send FaxGrams to Congress today and demand that they enforce the Constitution against Obama and the Democrat MINORITY'S plans to subvert the laws of our land!

Obama has been trampling on your rights through the use of Executive Orders. In the past, presidents have used Executive Orders to enforce already-existing laws, which had been passed by Congress.

Obama has been using these orders to create new laws - which is not allowed under the Constitution.

Our Founding Fathers understood the dangers of allowing one person in the Executive Branch to have totalitarian authority to create laws, which is why bills are drafted and passed in the Legislative branch (Congress).

Obama has signed two dozen Executive Orders that infringe the Second Amendment, without a vote by Congress or a vote of the people.

He signed an order for a minimum wage increase for some federal workers, which is another violation; bills to spend YOUR tax dollars are supposed to originate in the House.

Rep. Jackson-Lee says she and other Democrats will be writing Executive Orders for Obama to sign.

Obama's next Executive Order could even be one to grant total amnesty to illegal aliens -- and to throw you and your family out in the street to house the aliens!

That is why we must rise up immediately and call for an end to his Executive Order dictatorship!

Please take a stand today for the US Constitution and urge Congress to do the same! They need to follow the Constitution and rein in Obama's dangerous and unlawful use of power!

If we do not stand together against Obama's Executive Order dictatorship, we are asking for the government to appoint Obama as a king over us all.

If we don't convince Congress to stop him, Obama could sign an Executive Order that abolishes term limits for presidents! Are you prepared to live under Obama's rule for the rest of your life?

In the Bible, 1 Kings 8:10-18 describes what will happen to a nation if it demands a king, rather than the liberty under God which our Founding Fathers intended for all Americans:  Our sons and daughters will be slaves to the king, and the finest portions of our property and wealth become the king's as well.

This is the danger that the Founding Fathers understood all too well and we are close to losing the liberty that we should enjoy as our birthright.

Please help us stop Obama's Executive Order dictatorship! Tell Congress to rein in Obama's power immediately!

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Charles Benninghoff, Founder
Pray For US - An Online Christian Outreach Ministry



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Ted Cruz
B40B Dirksen Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510

Dear Senator Cruz:

Some Democrats in the House of Representatives now admit that they are writing Executive Orders for Obama to sign.

This is such a blatant subversion of the Constitution that it deserves your immediate attention. Obama and the Democrats know that they cannot impose their socialist policies on America through the observance of constitutional procedure, so they are sidestepping the Constitution and your role in that process.

You MUST stand up to this! You must rein in Obama's insane power grab that puts our very lives, liberty and property in jeopardy to a dictatorship.

A power-hungry individual like Obama is the exact reason why the Founding Fathers included the separation of powers in the Constitution. They recognized the dangers that the 113th Congress seems to be blinded to right now.

You need to restore our constitutional liberties by stopping Obama's Executive Order dictatorship immediately!

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