REVEALED: Congress’ Secret $20 Million Slush Fund To Bribe Sex Victims

Image of Congressional Sex Harasser covered by congressional sex harassment slush fund image by Charles Benninghoff © 2017

By:  Charles Benninghoff

Rapine, pillage, harass – it doesn’t matter.

It is a MAD MAD MAD world in the United States congress where it has just been discovered that the lusty lovers of both the upper and lower chambers of congress have YOU and ME and our KIDS pay for their twisting and pinching and prodding and ridiculing of government employees, congressional interns of 16 or even younger and anyone else who walks into the doors of congress who catches the eye of one of our bawdy elected officials.

If you can’t tell how enraged I am about this then ask yourself this question: Have I ever seen Elder Benninghoff in 10 years author a campaign in BOLD Fire Brick Red?

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Let me tell you, this is so outrageous I am literally Fire Brick Red with ANGER all by myself.

This mess is so damning I’m convinced that the initial appeal for disclosure should be directed to the House Freedom Caucus – let their power control this moral cabal, marshall the information and disclose the sordid deatils to the citizens of America!

When my bride of 46 years, Miss Nancy, told me about this development of Congress funding for itself a $20 million sexual perversion fund the ONLY thing I could think about was the galloping gadflies of the Vatican who after decades finally bit their holy lips and told the world about THAT perversion that was flourishing before our very eyes literally in every major parish in the country – little boys under harassment and perversiosn of supposedly HOLY OF HOLY men yet their holiness melted in the presence of the weakest of the weak – our little boys, our own sons and grandsons, who were supposedly learning at the hands of blessed men and who were entrusted into the sanctum sanctorum of the Body of Our Redeemer – yet nothing was sanctified by the Holy Mother Church.

But, so too too, at the supposed hands of elected men, men proven by the fire of campaigning, endless speeches about goodness and charity and the ol’ American way of faith, family and flag turn into perversities of our government system of morality just like the padres blasphemed with their own perversities of the Catholic religious morality.

Here, in the Halls of Congress, in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, we have our elected officials funding $20 million dollars (at least so far as I have heard) so they can grope, feel, pinch, physically and sexually abuse, rape, bugger and demean and do so with complete and total knowledge that their colleague.. the so-called “Gentleman or Gentlelady from the State of XXXX or YYYY” will authorize a $5 or $4 or $10 million hush money payoff to silence someone from bringing public charges.

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How much more outrageous can this government become.

Do we have to see our members of congress receving trash buckets of cash from Mexican drug lords on the steps leading up to the Cathedral of Democracy before something is done to shut down these denizens of the Washington swamp.