RINOs Plot Million-Man Foreign Worker Army

illegal alien farm workers second amendment

RINOs in Congress hope to bring in a one-million-man army of low-wage foreign workers to replace Americans by expanding the H-2C visa program.

This sneak attack on American workers is attached as an amendment to the popular E-Verify bill (HR 3711) and it is being finalized in the House Judiciary Committee right now.

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Breitbart News reports that the bill could be advanced out of committee and voted on by the full House later this week, so we have very little time to defeat this cowardly attack on American workers!

The bill was originally titled the Agricultural Guestworker Act or the AG Act for short. It expands the H-2C visa program from 160,000 annual foreign workers to more than one million.

This bill will allow large multinational food service corporations to replace American workers with cheaper foreign labor.

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American workers will lose their jobs at seafood ports, meat-packing plants, dairy farms, food processing plants and even restaurants.

These are not “jobs that Americans won’t do” according to the globalists’ mantra. Many are blue collar jobs!

A majority of workers in these industries are Americans but this million-man imported army will replace them left-and-right with welfare-dependent foreign workers.

The foreign workers replacing Americans will be paid little more than minimum wage under the legislation, which will drive down wages even further for all skilled and unskilled Americans who work in the food processing industry.

In addition, the foreign workers will be competing with the 4 million young Americans who enter the workforce each year.

This bill is a betrayal of everything that the America First voters fought for in 2016 when we elected President Trump. The bill puts American workers LAST so that multinational corporations can replace us with cheap foreign labor.

Jesus taught in Mark 12:31, “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.”

The H-2C million-man army of foreign workers is not an act of love toward our neighbors, but an act of sheer contempt. The fact that the bill was attached as an amendment to a more popular bill tells us that it would not likely pass on its own as a piece of standalone legislation.

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