Roll Call: Who Defended America

omnibus islamic slavery roll call vote

Which Senators and Representatives prefer burqas over Bibles? Now we know! The must-pass omnibus spending bill to keep the federal government running full steam ahead (across the backs of the taxpayers) passed in the House and Senate on December 18, 2015. The final House vote was 316 to 113 in favor; in the Senate the vote was 65-33 in favor. Presidential candidate Marco Rubio (R-FL) missed the vote.

The omnibus bill was crafted by the Republican majority-controlled House and Senate negotiators and yet it fully funded the radical pro-Islamic, pro-abortion, pro-leftwing agenda of Barack Obama. To wit, the bill funds 300,000 green cards for Muslim invaders and a direct path to citizenship in 2016; 175,000 Muslim refugees from Syria and the surrounding area (no background checks are possible); increased H-2B foreign worker visas from 66,000 to 250,000; funds the U.N. global warming treaty which has not been ratified by the U.S. Senate; provides funding to settle illegal aliens on U.S. soil rather than deporting them; and fully funds the Planned Parenthood butchery industry.


If you are disgusted by the anti-Christian, anti-American agenda of Washington, D.C., then please support the efforts of Pray For US HERE.

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We have decided to publish the names of the conservatives and Christians who voted NO on the omnibus here.

If you do not see your Republican Representative or Senator’s name on the following list, he or she chose to vote against America and in favor of Barack Obama’s agenda.

If your Representative or Senator’s name is not on the following list, remember that they prefer burqas to Bibles; they prefer illegal alien pedophiles over American children; they prefer the sword of Islam over the peace and prosperity of Christianity; they prefer Barack Obama’s “hope and change” over the United States Constitution.

If you have a Representative or Senator and their name is not listed below, please remember this when it is time to vote in the 2016 elections.

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Boozman (AR) Burr (NC) Cassidy (LA) Cotton (AR) Crapo (ID)
Cruz (TX) Daines (MT) Enzi (WY) Ernst (IA) Fischer (NE)
Flake (AZ) Grassley (IA) Lee (UT) McCain (AZ) Moran (KS)
Paul (KY) Portman (OH) Risch (ID) Sasse (NE) Scott (SC)
Sessions (AL) Shelby (AL) Sullivan (AK) Thune (SD) Toomey (PA)
Vitter (LA)


Abraham (LA) Amash (MI) Amodei (NV) Babin (TX) Barletta (PA)
Black (TN) Blackburn (TN) Blum (IA) Brat (VA) Bridenstine (OK)
Brooks (AL) Buck (CO) Byrne (AL) Clawson (FL) Crawford (AR)
DeSantis (FL) DesJarlais (TN) Duncan (SC) Duncan (TN) Emmer (MN)
Farenthold (TX) Fleming (LA) Forbes (VA) Franks (AZ) Garrett (NJ)
Gibbs (OH) Gohmert (TX) Goodlatte (VA) Gosar (AZ) Gowdy (SC)
Graves (LA) Griffith (VA) Guinta (NH) Hardy (NV) Harris (MD)
Heck (NV) Hice (GA) Holding (NC) Hudson (NC) Huelskamp (KS)
Hultgren (IL) Hunter (CA) Hurt (VA) Jenkins (KS) Johnson (TX)
Jones (NC) Jordan (OH) Kelly (PA) King (IA) Labrador (ID)
LaHood (IL) LaMalfa (CA) Lamborn (CO) Lance (NJ) Latta (OH)
Long (MO) Lummis (WY) Marino (PA) Massie (KY) McClintock (CA)
McKinley (WV) Meadows (NC) Meehan (PA) Miller (FL) Mooney (WV)
Mulvaney (SC) Palmer (AL) Perry (PA) Pompeo (KS) Posey (FL)
Ratcliffe (TX) Roby (AL) Roe (TN) Rogers (AL) Rohrbacher (CA)
Rothfus (PA) Salmon (AZ) Sanford (SC) Schweikert (AZ) Shuster (PA)
Smith (MO) Smith (NE) Smith (TX) Stutzman (IN) Tipton (CO)
Walker (NC) Webster (FL) Westerman (AR) Whitfield (KY) Williams (TX)
Wittman (VA) Yoho (FL) Young (IA) Young (IN)

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