Sending FaxGrams Works

Sending a fax to someone might seem archaic in the age of Twitter, Facebook, the World Wide Web and smart phones, but the truth is that the ‘facsimile’ is not going away anytime soon. We were recently criticized by a George Soros-funded far-left group because we regularly urge our army of thousands of grassroots patriots to send FaxGrams to Congress. If sending a fax is truly as archaic and ineffective as the liberal thought-police want you to believe, someone should notify GlobeNewswire, a Nasdaq-traded company which sends hundreds of thousands of press releases to every newsroom in America every single day — via fax!

The truth is that sending FaxGrams through our provider’s system at Grassroots Campaign Creations, Ltd. is an effective way of getting the attention of every single member of Congress.

Because of the policies in place in the House & Senate, every piece of paper that comes off the fax machine is examined to determine its importance — whether it goes in the recycling bin or gets passed along for further reading or preservation. An email can be obliterated with one click from a low-level staffer who doesn’t want to the Senator or Representative to see it!

Think about this:  If sending FaxGrams does not work, as some have claimed, then why does every Senator and Representative have a fax machine in their office? Why does every newsroom in America have a working fax machine at the assignment desk? And why does virtually every business and doctor’s office in the country still have a working fax number?

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Sending FaxGrams works!

We are also able to provide our followers with the lowest possible prices for sending FaxGrams to the House and Senate. Our plans generally start at $9 to send a FaxGram to every member of a congressional committee or to all 45 GOP Senators. Here is how our pricing stacks up against other conservative groups and organizations that also engage Congress by sending them faxed messages.

Group Name Number of Faxes Price ⊄ Per Fax
Pray For US 535 Senators & Representatives $45 8.5
Center For Individual Freedom 270 GOP Representatives & Senators $100 37
GrassTops USA 270 GOP Representatives & Senators $100 37
RightMarch 535 Senators & Representatives $139 26
Secure Borders Coalition 535 Senators & Representatives $129 24.3
Social Security Institute 535 Senators & Representatives $119 22.5
AmeriPAC 535 Senators & Representatives $119 22.4
GOPUSA 535 Senators & Representatives $119 22.4
US Justice Foundation 435 Representatives $35 12.4

This is only a partial list, actually a small sampling, of “players” out there working to restore our Republic through affirmative contacts with Congress via FaxGrams.  We will update this list soon to more fully disclose who they are when we have available time.

As you can see, Pray For US uses a system that costs our followers less than half that of many of the other leading conservative and tea party groups. We offer the lowest-cost option for our followers to contact Congress, every single day!

We are also one of the only known groups that sends out Freebi campaigns on a regular basis. These campaigns allow our followers to send a message via FaxGram to Members of Congress at no cost. This allows even more people to participate, especially older conservatives on fixed incomes, who might not otherwise have a voice in the political process.

Here’s a testimonial from Judy C, a follower who participated in one of our Freebi campaigns in December of 2014:

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“Thank you so much for making it possible for me to send those faxes !! I cannot possibly afford to do so if there is a charge, so this was a wonderful opportunity for people like me on a low, fixed income… Thank you …. God Bless You…. This country is falling apart quickly and you are helping to try to save it…”


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