Seth Rich Clinton Body Count Needs Prosecutor Volume 3 of 10

Seth Rich + 6 more DNC-related dead bodies are piled on the Clinton Crime Family Front Doorstep & All are Crying Out to America “Give us Justice, Justice…”

The globalist left is so sensitive about this case that they have threatened FOX News with a boycott to get Sean Hannity to shut up about it.

To save his job and status, Hannity has agreed to shut up.

This is how important Seth Rich is to America even though he is dead…

I am not like Sean Hannity, a guy who loves his fame and his fortune.

I am a Vietnam War combat vet who swore to defend our glorious Constitution from all threats foreign and domestic even if it cost me my life which I will willingly forfeit for its cause.

Seth Rich may be far more important to America dead than he ever could have been alive because through his grisly death unbelievable horrors of perfidy, betrayal and crime have been revealed on scales never before seen in America.

So possibly ten people died last year, seven for sure, in sometimes horrifically violent circumstances – all connected to the Clinton Crime Family.

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The media has pretty much been ordered to no longer report on the Seth Rich murder.

The globalists in control of our media are abridging the freedom of the press on this.

So now, I say, there is a vested public interest in talking about the Seth Rich murder and calling for a Special Prosecutor to investigate it and the other six corpses piled alongside Seth on the Clinton Crime Family’s Front Doorstep.

This video will explain why America needs a Special Counsel to deeply probe the Clinton Crime Family.

Now, I don’t know Seth Rich personally and I doubt that he and I would agree on much if anything politically.

But I was young once, myself, and I had a few progressive ideas. Seems we sort of grow to love our country – a few of us – over time.

Seth was a 27-year-old DNC staffer who was shot dead on July 10th last year.

He was pronounced dead an hour and 37 minutes after shots were reported fired.

Some have reported that he was shot in the head and I’ve even repeated that information on a previous video, but the incident report does not say that. It just says he was shot in the back.

What did the police bodycams record when they talked to Seth Rich as he was dying? We may never know unless a Special Prosecutor who can subpoena the evidence is appointed!

Plus, I talk about 6 (possibly 9) others with ties to the Clinton Crime Family who lost their lives in 2016 under mysterious circumstances.

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