Snipered-Up Feds Steal Cattle

By: Charles Benninghoff, Founder

04/10/2014   Patriotic Nevada cattleman Cliven Bundy is fighting a “range war” with the federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM), which is defending its personnel with snipers, over public lands where his family has been grazing cattle herd in Clark County, Nevada for more than 150 years.

The federal government believes that for the last 20 years Bundy should have been paying “grazing fees”. Cliven is willing to pay Clark County those fees but not the federal government because the land belongs to Nevada and he is part owner as a taxpayer in Clark County.

According to Governor Brian Sandoval (R-NV), the federal government has gone completely off the scale and is trampling on Bundy’s rights and the state of Nevada’s 10th Amendment rights. Read more about how the federal government is overstepping their rights by seizing land that does not belong to them here.

The feds claim that Bundy no longer has the right to graze his cattle on the subject lands.

Bundy family members have reportedly spotted federal officers pointing sniper rifles at them and at least nine helicopters have been circling their ranch for the past several days.

Federal officers have cordoned off a 600,000-acre parcel of Nevada land to keep the Bundy family away from their own cattle, while the so-called “contractors” working for the Bureau of Land Management seize the Bundy family’s herd of cows.

This is truly a modern-day David and Goliath story. If Americans do not stand up for Cliven Bundy’s family right now, one day the federal government under Obama or some future tyrant will do the same thing to other Americans.

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Mr. Bundy’s argument with the feds is legal, constitutional and biblical in nature because the public land in question is owned by the State of Nevada and Mr. Bundy is a tax-paying part owner of those lands.

Forget what the mainstream media has told everyone about so-called “public lands.”

Since Mr. Bundy’s ancestors settled in Clark County, Nevada, and were grazing their cattle there long before the Bureau of Land Management was created, they have what is sometimes referred to as “preemptive rights.”

The land that is being talked about, by the way, is out in the middle of the desert. It is not a park and Mr. Bundy’s cattle are not endangering some silly turtle, which the feds claim is happening. Find out how you can help Mr. Bundy keep his cattle and land here.

The courts in many states have long recognized the preemptive rights of ranchers who utilized territory that at one time was not “owned” by anyone. When a state or the federal government later claims those lands, governments sometimes buy out the family’s grazing rights.

In other cases, they go to court and many, many times, the courts have sided with ranchers because of this principle of preemptive rights. (It’s similar to a “grandfather clause” — if you’re doing something that is legal today, the government can’t suddenly make it illegal or steal it from you tomorrow.)

Here is an illustration to explain what is happening to the Bundy family a little better.

Imagine that a federal agency told you that you have been fired from your job in order to protect an endangered lizard that no one has ever heard of.

In addition to losing your job, you will lose your house, your vehicles and your future livelihood, even though you have not done anything legally wrong.

That is the situation that the Bundy family is in and if Americans do not stand up for Cliven Bundy, who will stand up for them when the feds come knocking?

Federal agents protect the BLM while they steal Mr. Bundy's cattle.

Federal agents protect the BLM while they steal Mr. Bundy’s cattle.

The BLM is already rounding up his cattle and planning to sell them, which will ruin his family’s livelihood.

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Bundy’s property and ranching rights are biblical in nature. Deuteronomy 27:17 states, “Cursed is he that removes his neighbor’s landmark.”

Our Goliath federal government is removing a landmark that has been in place for 150 years and painting Cliven Bundy as a criminal.

Remember, if they can do it to Mr. Bundy today, they will do it to other Americans one day as well!

Mr. Bundy is worried that one of these federal officers is going to shoot him in the back before this is over. Can you blame him?

If you believe that the federal government has no right to just steal property that does not belong to them you can help stop this blasphemy by sending your First Amendment petition to congress here. Please also share this link with everyone you know so that they can help too.

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