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How George Soros is Wrecking America

George Soros globalist

George Soros | Image © Dreamstime

Billionaire hedge fund manager and globalist George Soros is financing a nationwide effort to disrupt Republican Town Hall constituent meetings in order to derail President Trump and the America First agenda. and other leftwing activist groups which are financially supported by George Soros are disseminating training manuals for liberal agitators to shut down GOP constituent meetings. This is an organized nationwide conspiracy to deprive you of your freedom of speech and freedom of assembly rights guaranteed under the Constitution. By shouting down Members of Congress and everyday Americans, the Soros-funded globalists hope to prevent America from defending our borders, repealing the disastrous Obamacare and keeping Islamic terrorist pseudo-refugees out of the country.

We are providing the Soros-sponsored training manuals on this page so that conservative Christians can see for themselves the amount of effort and financing that George Soros, Barack Obama’s Organizing for Action, and other anti-America groups are exerting to shut down the political process in America. The following PDF documents and training manuals are being provided to leftwing agitators in order to disrupt GOP Town Hall meetings:

Bird-Dogging Members of Congress: Make Them Talk

February Town Hall Guide

Missing Members of Congress Action Plan

Obnoxious Sample Questions to Ask Members of Congress

Social Media Activism Guide (English version)

Social Media Activism Guide (Spanish version)

Resistance Recess Training Manual

Agitators are encouraged in these manuals to tweet pictures and video of their disruptive activities on Twitter under the hashtag #ResistanceRecess:

The following groups which we have identified are participating in this disruption of constituent meetings all receive funding from George Soros’ Open Society Foundation. This leads us to conclude that George Soros and his family are organizing and driving the resistance against America and President Trump:

Planned Parenthood
NARAL-Pro-Choice America
Barack Obama’s Organizing For Action
Indivisible – This group’s co-founder has ties to the Mexican supremacist group La Raza, which is also Soros-funded. Indivisible seems to be one of the most active groups protesting and agitating at GOP Town Hall meetings. It has held disruptive events in Oregon, Illinois, Texas, Tennessee, and Missouri.
Working Families Party
SEIU (Executive Director Andy Stern is on the executive committee for America Coming Together, which is funded by George Soros.)


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