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Obama's Attack On The Family: Your Tax Dollars Are Funding Pornography

Demand Congress Stop
Wasting Your Tax
Dollars on Pornography!

Obama is spending your tax dollars to fund pornographic book projects through the left-wing National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH).

This man's campaign repeatedly claimed that Republicans are waging a 'war on women' last year, but the truth is that Obama is waging a war against traditional American families.

Charles Benninghoff, FounderCharles Benninghoff, Founder

America will never be restored to greatness if we allow our debauched politicians to continue wasting our money like this.

Please send FaxGrams to the House Budget Committee today and demand that they stop funding Obama's porn projects!

The NEH has been funding a federal project - with your tax dollars - to study pornographic romance novels.

These are not garden-variety Harlequin-style books that your mother or grandmother used to read, but hardcore smut books that children aren't allowed to purchase in any states.

It's called "The Popular Romance Project," and the contents of the books that this taxpayer-funded project is studying are too explicit for us to even share with you in this message.

American marriages are being destroyed by the pornography industry that Obama is funding through the NEH.

Rather than promoting strong biblical marriages between one man and one woman, the most fundamental building block of any civilization, Obama is promoting buggery, adultery and sin at every opportunity. And Obama is laughing at all of us because he is spending our tax dollars to do this.

Use the form to the right to send your FaxGrams today! Tell Congress to cut off all funding for Obama's pornography projects!

Obama and his allies in Congress actually cut retirement benefits for wounded military veterans in the budget two weeks ago - but they're still fully funding Obama's porn projects through the NEH!

The Bible teaches us in Hebrews 13:4 that marriage is honorable in all and the marriage bed is undefiled, but whoremongers and adulterers - and pornographers like Obama - will be judged by God.

As Christians, we are to have no fellowship with Obama's unfruitful works of darkness (Ephesians 5:11).

Please, don't let Obama continue to destroy our culture through this debauchery. As patriotic Americans we should be able to look back one day and say that we put a stop to the federal government wasting our tax dollars on sin and darkness.

Please don't sit this one out! Marriage is the bedrock of our civilization and that is why honorable Christian businesses and families like Chick-Fil-A and Phil Robertson are being attacked by the pagan destroyers who want to drag us all down into the mud with them.

Please use the form to the right to send your FaxGrams immediately! Tell Congress to cut all funding for Obama's NEH-sponsored buggery projects!

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Charles Benninghoff, Founder
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Marsha Blackburn
217 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515

Dear Congresswoman Blackburn:

Why are you allowing Obama to fund pornography projects with my tax dollars?

According to The Daily Caller, the Obama regime has been spending millions of taxpayer dollars through the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) to study and pay for hardcore adulterous and homosexual pornography.

What business does the government have funding this with my money? The porn industry seems to be thriving in this country, even without a bailout from Obama.

I don't approve of this and you should be ashamed of funding this NEH debauchery, while at the same time cutting funding for retired and disabled military veterans. Get your priorities straight!

I insist that you cut all funding for Obama's pornography projects through the NEH!

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