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Obama Shutting Down Last Bullet Lead Source In America - He Must Be Stopped!

EPA Witch Hunt Will
Totally Dry Up
America's Ammo Supply

Obama's Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has won a victory over Doe Run, the only lead smelting plant left in America.

This plant is the LAST domestic source of lead for bullet manufacturers in the country!

With no bullets left to buy, Obama will render every citizen's firearm in America useless and the Second Amendment will have have been completely undermined!

Charles Benninghoff, FounderCharles Benninghoff, Founder
Obama's federal police will have all the ammo!

You MUST send FaxGrams to the House Natural Resources Committee, or to all House Republicans, immediately! Tell them to stop this EPA witch hunt and save America's ammo supply!

Obama's EPA has been piling more and more new regulations on top of the Doe Run lead smelting plant in Herculaneum, Missouri.

Even though Doe Run was one of the cleanest lead smelting plants in the world, the EPA set out to cripple them. It would cost the company millions upon millions of dollars to meet the new draconian rules that Obama's EPA was demanding.

So Doe Run has thrown in the towel and is closing down completely at the end of this year.

This was done intentionally by Obama, because Doe Run was the last remaining American source for lead - no lead for manufacturers, no American-made bullets!

American manufacturers will be forced to buy lead from communist China to make bullets for all military, law enforcement and civilian rounds - and that could end at the drop of a hat!

  • The communist Chinese could decide that they don't want to sell lead to America.
  • The Senate could ratify the UN Arms Treaty, which would allow only the federal government to import ammunition.
  • Obama could sign an executive order tomorrow banning the import of lead or ammunition.

Obama has been hoarding all of the ammo for the federal government because he knows there won't BE any ammo for American citizens to buy once Doe Run shuts down!

We MUST force Congress to intervene! Fax them today and tell them to make the EPA BACK DOWN and keep Doe Run open!

Obama hates the Second Amendment. He hates the idea that American citizens believe in the right to own firearms to defend themselves against government tyrants and muggers. He once told economist John Lott, "I don't think anyone should be allowed to own a handgun."

Every single person has an unalienable right, granted by God, to defend their own life and property (Exodus 22:2). This is a responsibility of individuals and families, NOT the federal government (See Nehemiah 4:13).

Obama wants the federal government to own all firearms and ammunition, so he can impose ANY of his left-wing policies without protest or resistance from the little people.

That's why he has had the EPA attack Doe Run and drive it completely out of business.

Folks, this is serious! There will be NO domestic American source for lead to produce bullets if Obama succeeds. And then it's just one or two short steps until there is absolutely no ammunition left on the store shelves in the US!

This is about much more than one manufacturing plant! This is about preserving YOUR right to keep and bear arms AND the ammunition required to use those arms! Fax Congress today and tell them to keep Doe Run open!

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Charles Benninghoff, Founder
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Doc Hastings
1203 Longworth House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515

Dear Chairman Hastings:

Obama has had the EPA hound another American manufacturer out of business - and he is doing it to undermine the Second Amendment!

The EPA has been on a witch hunt against the Doe Run lead smelter in Herculaneum, Missouri for years. Facing millions of dollars in ridiculous fines (because the EPA keeps changing its regulations), the plant is shutting its doors on December 31st.

This is the ONLY domestic source of lead required for the manufacture of bullets in the United States. Civilian ammo sellers and our military will have to import bullets from communist China after Doe Run shuts down!

Why are you allowing this to happen? Our enemies will be the only source for our ammunition!

Obama could then sign an executive order banning the import of ammo - and he would effectively nullify the Second Amendment!

You MUST put a stop to this and do everything in your power, IMMEDIATELY, to keep Doe Run open. Call off the EPA's witch hunt and save the last domestic source of lead that is needed for ammunition!

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