Stop Obama’s Amnesty Scam

By: Charles Benninghoff, Founder

01/28/2014   Obama and his allies are making a huge push this week to destroy America by passing an amnesty deal for illegal aliens. Please consider the following vitally important message from our good friends at the US Justice Foundation.

This week, House Republican leaders are likely to unveil their plan for a massive illegal immigration Amnesty. At the same time, Barack Hussein Obama, Jr., will push for Amnesty in his State of the Union Address. It’s Amnesty Week in Washington, D.C., and ordinary Americans like you have to push back hard now.

House Speaker John Boehner and Barack Hussein Obama have obviously cut a deal. They are pressing ahead with a joint plan to shove Amnesty down our throats. Here is what the Washington Post is reporting:

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“An effort by House lawmakers to overhaul immigration policy, which seemed all but dead for much of last year, is about to be revived and take center stage in Congress, with a new push by House Republican leaders and a fresh pitch by President Barack Obama in his State of the Union address Tuesday.”

We’ve been fighting this insane policy to swamp America with illegal immigrants for years and now is the time for us to really take a stand. We are no longer simply fighting Barack Hussein Obama and his goons in Congress because Republican “leaders” have decided to join this disgusting left-wing crusade as well.

This bill will give millions of illegal aliens’ legal residency in the United States. It will shower them with welfare benefits, including food stamps, free public education, and Medicaid. It will do nothing to shut down the U.S. Mexico frontier. It will encourage millions more illegal immigrants to pour across the border and give Barack Hussein Obama everything that he wants. House leaders will try to bring this bill to the floor quickly, before the American people can act.

illegalMeanwhile, Mr. Obama will soon be barnstorming across the country, screaming about how unfair Americans like you and I are because we don’t support illegal immigration. This is going to be a one-two political punch, designed to push amnesty through Congress and we can’t let them get away with it. Our only hope is to force enough House Republicans to finally take a stand against John Boehner. A Republican revolt can kill this bill.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte says that if enough Americans rise up and pressure rank and file House Republicans, GOP leaders will be forced to withdraw this bill and that is exactly what we will try to do. We will swamp Congress with so many faxes that Republicans and some Democrats will be forced to vote no.

House Speaker John Boehner thinks that he is being clever, by releasing his amnesty bill at the same time that Barack Hussein Obama is giving his big speech. He believes that with Mr. Obama’s help, he can ram this amnesty bill through the House before people like you and I have time to act.

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Please share the link below as it is imperative that we take a stand against this bill before it passes.

Save America From Obama’s Amnesty Scam

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