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Immigration Attorney: GOP "Legal Status" Plan Is A Path To Citizenship (Amnesty)!

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The handful of elitists who are running the House of Representatives, led by Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) and Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) know that their conservative Christian base will never support amnesty for illegal aliens.

So now, they have adopted a new strategy:  The Boehner gang is going to lie to you and hope that no one catches them in it.

Charles Benninghoff, FounderCharles Benninghoff, Founder
Well, we caught them.

Our Pray For US researchers spoke with an immigration attorney and discovered that the "legal status but NOT a path to citizenship" approach that the Boehner gang has adopted is, in fact, amnesty.

Please send FaxGrams to as many House GOP Members as you can today, starting with the House Judiciary Committee where Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) has flip-flopped on amnesty. Let them know that you're not going to fall for their "legal status" argument! Legal status for illegal aliens IS amnesty!

According to The Hill, House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) has done an about-face and now supports "legal status" for illegal aliens.

The Hill reports, "McCarthy made clear he did not favor carving out a new path to citizenship" for illegal aliens.

According to the immigration attorney we spoke with (and you can confirm this information on the Immigration and Naturalization Service website for yourself), "legal status" under current US law simply means granting an immigrant a green card.

With a green card, an immigrant can legally work and pay taxes in the US and in some locations, such as Chicago and Maryland, they are even allowed to vote!

Illegals will be allowed to begin openly competing for your job in the marketplace immediately if this plan passes, which will in turn drive wages down for many Americans.

If an employer can hire a newly-amnestied worker for less than he can hire you for, guess who will get the job?

Oh, but it gets even better under the Boehner-McCarthy "legal status" plan.

A green card holder can apply for citizenship after five years. Every illegal alien granted "legal status" under the Boehner-McCarthy plan will be a US citizen within 10 years of Obama signing it into law (or within 8 years if the illegal alien can sucker your daughter or granddaughter into marrying him).

So while the Democrats are pushing Immediate Amnesty, the Boehner gang's counter to that is to offer Slow Amnesty, or "Slamnesty" as we're calling it.

Either way, it is amnesty and it will lead to a permanent Democrat-socialist majority in America.

Tell the House GOP that you see through the Boehner gang's lies and that their "legal status" plan IS amnesty! Use the form to the right to send your FaxGrams today!

The Boehner gang's "legal status" plan simply allows lawbreakers to jump to the front of the line that LEGAL immigrants have to wait in for at least 10 years.

As Christians, we can never support lawlessness like this on the part of our government. We are to "have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness." (Ephesians 5:11)

Jesus warned us in Matthew 24:43, "But know this, that if the goodman of the house had known in what watch the thief would come, he would have watched, and would have not suffered his house to be broken up."

We are watching.  We must now let the Boehner gang KNOW that we are watching and that we will not be fooled by their lies and we will not stand for them selling away our nation's birthright!

Send your FaxGrams to as many House GOP Members as you can today! Tell them that "legal status" is amnesty and that it does not have your support!

Also, call your Representative directly at (202) 224-3121 and tell him or her to vote against ANY amnesty plan hatched by the Boehner gang.

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Charles Benninghoff, Founder
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Bob Goodlatte
2309 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515

Dear Chairman Goodlatte:

House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy now says that he supports "legal status" for illegal aliens but is opposed to a path to citizenship.

This is a lie being pushed by a handful of RINO sell-outs and I hope you will not fall for it.

"Legal status" is just another word for a green card.  Under current US law, a green card holder (i.e., an immigrant with "legal status") can apply for citizenship after five years and become a full-fledged citizen in as little as eight years.

Granting legal status to tens of millions of illegal aliens is absolutely a path to citizenship, otherwise known as amnesty.

The American people are not stupid and we will not be fooled by these lies. We will be voting against any Republican who supports this "legal status" scam.

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