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The globalist media has turned the phrase “white nationalist” into a curse in America and uses the phrase to incite violence against any patriotic person of any race who supports the US Constitution and the sovereignty of America. For example, Dr. Ben Carson who is black is referred to as a “white nationalist” because of his support for the law, the US Constitution and his Christian faith.

Faithful participation in our campaigns is the way that Pray For US is able to bring you vitally important pro-America breaking news to preserve Faith, Family and Flag so click HERE to persuade the House Freedom Caucus to support our Resolution offering white nationalists the same legal protections from the federal government as all others in America receive!

This blatant reverse racism against patriotic Americans is being used as an incitement for George Soros’ Antifa and Black Lives Matter terrorists and others to launch race-based attacks, mainly against whites.

Whites deserve the same legal protections from violence as all other races in America and therefore, I have drafted a White Nationalist Protection Resolution and we need all patriotic Americans to support this.

You can download a copy of the Resolution to read HERE.

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The political battle in America is no longer between left and right, but between globalists and nationalists. Nationalists support patriotism, the US Constitution and the rule of law.

Globalists support open borders, lawlessness, the destruction of heritage Christianity in Western Civilization, and want America to be an unincorporated county controlled by the UN.

I am a “White Nationalist” by definition because I am a veteran, a patriotic American and I happen to be white. I did not ask for this currently pejorative label but it was thrust upon white patriots without our consent and as a specific incitement to violence against us!

Because the globalist left has branded us with this term, we will embrace it and turn it against them.

That is why I drafted this resolution using a boilerplate “hate speech” resolution from the Democrats and changed the wording to offer the exact same race-based protections to white people (with a couple of additional points thrown in) that are currently afforded to all others in America.

James 2:9 states, “If you show partiality, you commit sin, and are convicted by the law as transgressors.”

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We are demanding impartiality under the law by calling for whites to be protected under the law the same as all other races, and by demanding that the use of the term “white nationalist” as a pejorative be branded as hate speech.

Click HERE to urge the House Freedom Caucus to sponsor and push for passage of the White Nationalist Protect Act today!

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