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Stop Martial Law: Prevent An Ebola Virus Outbreak In America!

Obama Won't Act:
Tell The CDC To
Isolate Incoming Ebola Travelers!

Obama is now telling states to back down from their "harsh" quarantine rules for incoming travelers who might have the Ebola virus!

This deadly disease (Ebola) has been killing 50 percent of all patients that we know about this year -- and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention predicts that there will be 1.4 million cases of Ebola by the end of this year!

Charles Benninghoff, FounderCharles Benninghoff, Founder
Why won't Obama act?

Because a deadly outbreak of Ebola on American soil will help the Democrats!

Send a message to the head of the CDC today and tell him to begin quarantining incoming travelers who might be infected! Don't wait for Obama to protect your family -- because that will never happen!

We have set up our system so you can send one FaxGram message to Dr. Thomas Frieden, the Director of the CDC in Atlanta, GA.

Send your FaxGram to Dr. Frieden today and then retweet this campaign to all of your friends, so they can do the same!


How does an Ebola virus outbreak help Obama and the Democrats?

Just imagine the American health care system overwhelmed by sick and dying Ebola patients. Obama would use that as his excuse to impose martial law and begin gun control operations.

He might even use an outbreak as an excuse to seize total control and cancel elections permanently!

There is no cure for this disease and it has already infected at least one health care worker on U.S. soil - while they were wearing full protective gear!

Quarantines are also a biblical form of protection against contagious diseases. Leviticus chapter 13 in the Bible outlines the medical quarantine procedure for leprosy, which would also work to protect us from Ebola!

Obama is doing everything he can to HELP an Ebola outbreak take place. Published reports indicate that terrorists are trying to weaponize the virus and Obama won't even close our southern borders to prevent it from coming in that way!

Send your FaxGram message to the head of the CDC TODAY and demand that he disobey Obama's orders. Tell the CDC to quarantine all incoming travelers from Ebola-affected nations!

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Charles Benninghoff, Founder
Pray For US

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Thomas Frieden
1600 Clifton Road
Atlanta, GA 30329

Dear Dr. Frieden:

You know and I know that Mr. Obama is playing politics with the Ebola threat. The American people are frightened because of the games-playing going on.  They do not want to see an outbreak of this deadly virus in their communities.

For the sake of my family and all American families, DO YOUR JOB and start immediately to put into place appropriate medical quarantines for incoming travelers from these Ebola-stricken countries!

Mr. Obama has abandoned common sense by not quarantining people from the Ebola hotspots! You must use your authority as CDC Director to begin medical quarantines of all U.S.-bound travelers arriving from countries that are dealing with the Ebola virus!

If you continue to implement Obama's insane policies, and an outbreak actually does occur, you will be held personally responsible for following his orders.  The "I was just following orders" defense has not worked since 1945, Dr. Frieden.

There is no known cure for this deadly disease. Health care workers have been infected with Ebola, even when wearing protective gear. One form of Ebola has become airborne and it can also be spread by droplets. American hospitals are unprepared to deal with the Ebola virus, according to widespread news reports, and your own agency predicts there will be 1.4 million cases worldwide by the end of this year.

What are you waiting for? How many Americans will have to die before you take appropriate actions to protect us from the Ebola virus? Just because Mr. Obama holds office, the highest office in our land, does NOT mean you can shirk your duty to do no harm, and harm is surely being done by not using common-sense-quarantining procedures to protect Americans from Ebola.

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