Terror Attack Reduced to Vandalism

By: Charles Benninghoff, Founder

02/11/2014   Did you know that a terror cell knocked out a power station with AK-47 assault rifle fire in California on April 16, 2013, just 13 hours after the Boston Marathon? Former federal officials now say this was a well-coordinated, professional attack that actually resulted in destroying 18 of 20 huge transformers. It is obvious that the attackers knew exactly where to shoot to destroy these transformers. Obama has covered this information up and is claiming that the attack was an act of vandalism.

This attack could have led to an untold loss of American life, freedom and prosperity if it had caused further damage – such as bringing down the power grid – and Obama has deliberately hidden this from the American people. The fact that Obama has not warned America about this very real threat in our midst leaves us with the impression that he wants an attack like this to take place, in order to impose martial law and take all of your freedoms away. Remember, Obama’s former attack dog Rahm Emanuel once said the Obama regime should “Never let a good crisis go to waste!”

Pray For US believes that this was the most significant terror attack on US soil since 9/11; and, now that the terrorists see how successful it was, Americans need to watch out. When you view this report, with the realization that Obama has done nothing to warn America about it, you can only come to one of three conclusions. They are, at least to me, as follows:

(1) Obama is asleep at the switch; or (2) he does not care if a terror attack happens on U.S. soil because it will help his agenda; or (3) this is the reason he is importing tens of thousands of people from the Mideast including people with known ties to terrorism.

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Obama used thousands of police and soldiers to place Boston and Watertown, MA under martial law just to chase down a single wounded teenager after the attack at the marathon. Imagine the response if these terrorists had knocked out the power grid across most of California or even the western U.S., which one former federal official says could have happened.

A true leader would have warned Americans about this danger and told them to arm themselves in response. Obama didn’t do that. He tried to brush the attack under the rug and we wouldn’t even know about it except for the fact that the former head of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission decided to blow the whistle on it.

Former regulator says that shooting power supply was a terrorist attack.

Former regulator says that shooting power supply was a terrorist attack.

It is my opinion based upon his tactics in Fast & Furious, and other debacles such as Benghazi, he intentionally drove America’s eyeballs to Boston because he knew the real threat to America was in the California desert. Also, keep in mind, Obama has just loosened restrictions this week on immigration rules. Now even more jihadis can safely move into the country and carry out similar attacks – just as we’re finding out the truth about this attack.

Obama’s actions show us that he wants an attack like this to take place just like he did with Fast & Furious. It would be the “good crisis” that he can’t allow to “go to waste.” In other words, it would be an excuse to impose martial law and gun confiscation over large portions of the country – which would mean the loss of all of your freedoms and the total loss of the America we know and love. Please know that Pray For US is also working right now to launch a nation-wide petition drive, calling for the impeachment of Obama.

As Christians, we are to have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness – such as the works of Obama – but we are instead called to rebuke those works (Ephesians 5:11).  We must rebuke Obama by calling for his removal from office, as he is clearly unfit for command.

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