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Charting The Path to Conquer 2018

Image of Congressionl BuildingImage of Donald Trump2018 will be the most momentous year in the past 50 because our country’s destiny will be determined by whether America will allow foreign aliens to vote or not!

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While President Trump says, “No, no, no!” Congress is pandering to millions of welfare cheating illegal aliens.

Welcome welcome and thanks a million for answering my invitation to come and visit this page I’ve named Destination 2018.

While I will write a few of my thoughts, the MAIN reason this page exists is for YOU to tell me where YOU want Pray for US to go in 2018.  So, below is an anonymous COMMENT feature and I promise it will sit still for anything you want to write. 

Earlier this year we conducted a survey and received a tremendous response from our supporters.  The conclusion that I have drawn from the responses is that Pray for US must maintain its status as a Free Church – that is, by continuing to refuse to register with the government and therefore continue to be free of government thought control.

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The second conclusion is that Pray for US – Pray for the United States should begin to direct its efforts towards both Congress AND President Trump.  In the past we have avoided contact with the Executive Office.  Perhaps this is because until 2017 – and for the prior eight years – the White House was under siege by the Crescent Army of Barack Hussein Obama and ignored all entreaties including defending our own soldiers.

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