The Link between Mass Drugging and Mass Shootings

Senator Dianne Feinstein attempts to destroy the Second Amendment in response to drug-caused mass murders.

Senator Dianne Feinstein attempts to destroy the Second Amendment in response to drug-induced mass murders.

Pray For US generated some controversy recently when we ran a campaign urging Congress to investigate the link between mass school shootings and the over-prescribing of Selective Seratonin Reuptake Inhibitor drugs (SSRIs) to America’s children. Rather than offering a prayer for healing to a child who needs it, our society resorts to pills – with disastrous consequences. The response from our members was overwhelmingly in favor of the campaign.

A handful of members of the perpetually-offended class wrote to tell us to stop picking on people who are mentally ill. They missed our point entirely.

We pointed out the link between 15 recent mass school shootings and the fact that every single perpetrator was known to be taking at least one brand-name psychotropic drug.

Congressional attempts to ban firearms and destroy the Second Amendment will do nothing to curb violent incidents that stem directly from these drugs.


Click HERE to tell Congress to investigate the link between SSRIs and mass shootings.


While we focused on mass shootings for that campaign, subsequent research has supported our findings.

WND interviewed a British psychiatrist whose findings match and support ours. You can read that story here.

But we’ve apparently only scratched the surface. We focused on MASS school shootings, rather than overall violent incidents. We found 15 mass shootings that had occurred in the U.S. These were all highly publicized incidents at the time.

However, there have been dozens of violent incidents at schools that were carried out by children (or sometimes adults) who were under the influence of SSRIs. These incidents include stabbings, suicides and shootings that did not result mass casualties.

A website called SSRI Stories tracks these incidents closely and has identified 60 violent incidents involving these drugs. You can see the full list here.

Rather than loving our children and treating them as individuals created in the image of God, we have been drugging them in order to modify their behavior. Instead of offering a prayer for healing a child, many parents submit to “experts” who recommend giving the kid a pill to modify their behavior. Guns are not the cause of mass murders. SSRI drugs, which list “homicidal ideation” (liberal newspeak for “planning mass murders”) as a side effect DO cause mass shootings.

Pharmaceutical companies spent $181 million lobbying Congressmen and Senators in 2012, which may be the reason why our elected officials are not very anxious to investigate the link to mass shootings.

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