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Are We Too Expensive

How to Message Congress
Without Cost

A.  After you receive our daily email, click on a link and then you will be taken to our landing page.

B.  Review the details then edit our proposed message in the right column.  Highlight the message (as you may have edited it) and copy.

C.  To find your Representative, click this link:

D.  For Senators, follow this link:

E.  After you have found your Member and/or Senators, follow their links to their Contact form and simply paste your Pray for US letter you copied in step “B”, above, provide your contact details and click “Send”.

Following these steps you can fully participate in Pray for US daily campaigns without cost or expense.

Without the support of our followers we could not continue to carry forth our mission. Many wish to know about the cost of our faxing and how we operate. The information in this page is an attempt to answer these sorts of question.

Thank you for your wonderful support of our efforts.  Your help has been tremendous in helping us to continue to spread our message despite both the economy and the campaigns against us at various levels including direct attacks against us by the Soros-created “Open Society” hacks.

We are often asked about our fax costs:  The better question is to ask how much does it cost to produce our daily campaigns? Being concerned about our cost to send a single fax is like asking Cadillac how much the screw holding on the door handle costs and based on the response judging the value of the Cadillac.  Why?  Because even though the screw does, indeed, hold the car together it is but a minor element in the overall process of constructing the car itself.

Let me explain how our complex system both sends faxes and has been so reliable.

First, yes, indeed, we gain operating funds as described below from our Christian-based campaigns.

Second, it is my belief that everything you receive from Pray for US is 100% true. We have done my best to vet every fact and every statement and most are vetted from several sources. We’re not perfect, in fact far from it, but I on the other hand cannot recollect being in err in the last 6 years with the facts in our email or landing pages.

To do this, we have to be able to pay our researchers, writers, coders, email specialists, our server system, secretary, office, mail, phone – just like everyone else does. So, we must get the resources from somewhere for I am not wealthy, live in a modest home and drive used cars. We have two cars, in fact. One is a 2013 Town & Country I bought used from Enterprise Car rental after my 2003 truck was totaled and the other is a 2003 Honda Pilot. So, we are not living, as they say, high on the hog. That being said,

Any donation you make also goes to pay for 100% of the cost of at least one Freebi campaign a week. As you can imagine, these 100% free campaigns generate tens of thousands of FaxGrams being sent. We bear the entire cost of these Freebi campaigns and are able to do so only through the largesse of our supporters like you.

As far as I know, Pray for US is the only one sponsoring free Christian-oriented FaxGram campaigns. Additionally, our campaigns on average cost 50% of what others generally charge.

So, yes, we do hope you’ll keep us in mind, but if you’re not able to do so just wait ‘til next week when we send out our next Freebi campaign. In the meantime, please read our daily messages and pass them on. I cannot do this by myself and surely cannot do it for free. I hope you understand.

I was ordained as an Elder by the Reformed Church in America, this country’s longest-lived Protestant church. I worked years at the Crystal Cathedral which used to operate in North Orange County, California. While there I served on the Kids’ Power Plant staff and was active in their Elders Committee.

When Pastor Robert Schuller decided to retire from the Crystal Cathedral, he turned day-to-day operations over to his son but his son was caught in a fight between two of his sisters and ultimately backed out. From there the Crystal Cathedral’s demise was assured. I stuck with it for a while but the when it became obvious there was no life in the sisters, I decided to form my own patriotic church as had done the elder Pastor Schuller. I named the church Pray for US – Pray for the United States.

We now have thousands of steady followers on the internet but in order to succeed we need to increase manifold that number. With your help all things that we have planned including the church radio program, ongoing Youtube video production and direct mail to followers will be possible.

May your day be blessed.

Charles F. Benninghoff III
Elder & Founder
Pray for US – Pray for the United States

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