Trump Tax Cut Bill Perverted: Alien Horde On Its Way Here?

Image of Congressional Revisions to Trump's Tax Reform Act will allow alien families to make more in USA in Child Tax Credits than the average annual income in 29 of the world's top 90 countries.

By: Charles Beninghoff –

Image of Congressional Revisions to Trump's Tax Reform Act will allow alien families to make more in USA in Child Tax Credits than the average annual income in 29 of the world's top 90 countries.

Congressional Revisions to Trump’s Tax Reform Act will allow alien families to make more in USA in Child Tax Credits than the average annual income in 29 of the world’s top 90 countries.

A massive betrayal is the only way to describe parts of the Republican tax-cut bill working its way through Congress. The bill actually INCREASES the Child Tax Credit (CTC) that illegal aliens can qualify for under current IRS interpretation of applicable law.

Yes, the new proposed legislation actually INCREASES the amount of money that illegals will be able to take from American taxpayers without giving a thing in return.

No, you do not need to have your eyes checked – you read that right.

In an action totally at odds with President Trump’s position on illegal immigration, Republicans shoved a provision in the proposed legislation that will allow illegal aliens to pocket a generous child tax credit included in the bill – in many cases so generous that the CTC paid out will alone exceed the average nationwide annual income in the countries from which the aliens sneak in, for instance Mexico.

So, just by coming here illegally, aliens will be paid in CTC cash alone more than they could earn on average in Mexico.

Now we all know that a person making an average income in their home country has no need to flee and enter another country illegally. It is the poorest of the poor, the uneducated, the ill, the corrupt and welfare grafters who will be brought to American shores by this particular tax plan.

That is why American taxpayers have to fight back against continued inclusion in the CTC provisions and stop this idiotic cash invitation to invade our shores.

Here are the details as reported by the Saving 2 Invest experts:

  • As part of GOP tax reform bills to support President Trump’s tax reform agenda, there are now provisions in place to increase the Child Tax Credit (CTC) from the current $1,000 to $1,600 (House bill) or to $2,000 (Senate bill).
  • However the actual increase is still subject to a final tax reform bill being bought to the President’s desk for signing, which likely won’t happen till the end of the year.
  • But if a reconciled GOP tax bill is passed in the House and Senate, families – with both legal US residents and citizens as well as families headed by illegal aliens – can expect to see a markedly higher CTC next year.
  • If Trumps tax reform bill does not pass, then the 2018 CTC now managed by the IRS will still be in effect.

What impact does the provision to pay $2000 (in the senate version) have on a typical illegal alien family?

A typical immigrant family consists of two parents and three children. Many societies such as Mideast countries have far greater family numbers. But an average of 3 is a safe assumption.

The highly-recognized world income and expenses review site, Numbeo, reports on “Rankings by Country of Average Monthly Net Salary (After Tax)” (link below) and Numbeo’s analysis indicates that 29 of the world’s highest-income producing countries have average annual salaries less than $6,000.

So, the proposals now before Congress to increase the CTC to $2,000 per child will mean that the average family coming to the US (legally or not) will make MORE income on just the CTC payments than a head of household would earn the ENTIRE YEAR in the home country.

This list of 29 countries include what I’ve described: the poorest of the poor, the uneducated, the illiterate, the bottom of the bottom.

Is that what we want to Make America Great Again?

I daresay not.

Almost 64,000,000 Americans voted for President Trump. The odds are high that just about all of them approve the idea of increasing the child tax credit – for American citizens and those here legally. The odds are astronomical that they oppose allowing illegal aliens to take advantage.

What’s worse – letting illegals qualify for more tax dollars will serve as a magnet to encourage even more aliens to come get on the US-taxpayer gravy train. So there’s the double-whammy – increased taxpayer dollars for illegal aliens already here and a powerful incentive for even more to sneak across the border.

Image of Pray for US Pray for the United States Contribution Frame Image

If this provision remains in the tax bill it will be a betrayal of 64,000,000 American voters.

As background, Illegal aliens have been collecting the payoff from the “refundable” child tax credit for years because of a dumb IRS interpretation of the Income Tax Code.

The Republican Congress had a golden opportunity to correct that in the tax overhaul and deny the credit to illegals. They didn’t – instead the GOP delivered a slap in the face of every tax-paying citizen.

Instead of correcting this outrage, the tax bill doesn’t require a Social Security number from the adult illegal alien to claim the credit but requires only that a qualifying child have a Social Security number.

Therefore, illegal alien workers with children who have birthright citizenship — an all-too-common phenomenon among America’s estimated 12.5 million illegal immigrants — will cash in big.

Is there any doubt that they will all cash in? Is there any doubt that they will tell friends and family back in their home country to sneak across the border asap so that they also can reap this bonanza? Is there any doubt that with our national debt already over twenty TRILLION dollars we can’t afford to be showering money on illegals?

I’m sure there’s no doubt in your mind or the minds of the 64,000,000 citizens who supported the President in the election. Sadly there appears to be no such certainty in the minds of the Republicans in Congress pushing this bill.

“Massive betrayal” is the only accurate way to describe this provision. In one fell swoop it gives more tax dollars to illegals, encourages even more to sneak across the border, and increases our already out of control national debt. Strike three – this give away needs to be called out!

If enough Americans make their outrage heard, Congress will feel the heat, even if they don’t see the light. I hope you agree with me that stopping this give-away is urgent.

Authorities which reports the following bottom tier of 29 countries and the average monthly net income earned:

61. Mexico 519.88 $

62. Bosnia And Herzegovina 488.77 $

63. Iran 487.71 $

64. Thailand 467.18 $

65. Kosovo (Disputed) 461.26 $

66. Ecuador 461.23 $

67. Morocco 433.86 $

68. Peru 417.41 $

69. Serbia 397.49 $

70. Belarus 384.21 $

71. Kazakhstan 372.96 $

72. Indonesia 371.50 $

73. Macedonia 355.90 $

74. Vietnam 353.89 $

75. Dominican Republic 341.57 $

76. Colombia 337.61 $

77. Albania 336.49 $

78. Bangladesh 322.01 $

Image of Pray for US Pray for the United States Contribution Frame Image

79. Philippines 320.38 $

80. Algeria 284.47 $

81. Armenia 284.14 $

82. Georgia 270.75 $

83. Sri Lanka 268.05 $

84. Pakistan 264.31 $

85. Moldova 259.65 $

86. Tunisia 253.58 $

87. Azerbaijan 241.97 $

88. Ukraine 226.71 $

89. Egypt 161.75 $

90. Venezuela 33.36 $

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  1. jim

    On Dec 13, 2017

    You make the CTC sound as if it were a payment made to individuals or families. Isn’t it only a deduction from the final figure from which taxes will be computed?

  2. proyfor

    On Dec 13, 2017

    In cases where no tax burden exists, against which the credit is lawfully applicable as an offset, the Child Tax Credit is paid in cash to the filer claiming it. CASH. By was of IRS check of course – but still cash. NO ID necessary, no Social Security number… nothing – just a cash payment.

  3. Robert

    On Dec 13, 2017

    I hope it is ok with you, I have sent the President the web page address and suggested he check out the whole thing.

  4. proyfor

    On Dec 13, 2017

    Hi, Bob. Yes, please send this to President Trump. Indeed, he may not even know about this chicanery. Chuck

  5. paulette

    On Dec 13, 2017

    Dear Mr. Charles: I see your new page ..and i am wondering did u take away the ability to ask

    people for prayer…as i used this page and have gotten people praying for me…I am just

    wondering about it as i couldn’t find it anymore…Thank u so much for being there as i am the

    jewish believer who had brain injuries and seizures….and people have prayed for me…

    And God Bless you so much for your ministry…sincerely paulette sigel

  6. proyfor

    On Dec 20, 2017

    Paulette, Just mouse-over the new navigation system. It is still there. Look in upper left corner for horizontal bars.

  7. proyfor

    On Jan 15, 2018

    Paulette, no it is still there. We have a new-fangled navigation system. The black circle with black horizontal lines. Just mouse-over and you’ll find what you’re looking for.

  8. Stephanie

    On Dec 13, 2017

    President Trump,
    Please stop these CTC tax credits to ILLEGAL’s. They are breaking our LAWS by just being here. So, NO to these tax plan cuts.