Uranium One: The Rest of the Story

Uranium One Blues Will Leave Hillary Crying.

Uranium One Blues Will Leave Hillary Crying.By Charles Benninghoff –

Las Vegas, NV: In 2010, Rosatom, Russia’s State Atomic Energy Corporation, bought the controlling interest in Uranium One, a Canadian-based company whose mining operations included twenty percent of America’s uranium capacity. The deal required approval by the Committee for Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) which evaluates national security implications of foreign investments in U.S. companies and their operations. CFIUS approved the deal unanimously.
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was a member of CFIUS at the time. So was Attorney General Eric Holder whose Justice Department was investigating Rosatom for racketeering.

The Clinton Foundation had accepted over $130 million from Frank Giustra, the founder of Uranium One and, years earlier, Bill Clinton had helped Guistra obtain uranium mining rights in Kazakhstan. When Vladimir Putin tried to obtain those rights, Hillary Clinton’s Department of State intervened. Days later, Rosatom had a deal to acquire part of Uranium One.

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Rosatom’s subsidiary, Tenam USA, which handled the sale of uranium material to American nuclear companies, was under FBI and DOJ criminal investigation. Tenam’s general director, Vadim Mikerin, had established a scheme to accept bribes from U.S. companies buying Russian uranium. Through fraud, money laundering, and extortion, Mikerin inflated the price America paid for uranium, stuffed the pockets of Kremlin officials with the overage, and compromised many American companies by making them susceptible to Russian blackmail.

When Mikerin approached lobbyist, William D. Campbell, with more schemes, Campbell went to the FBI and became an inside confidential source on Mikerin’s kickback and bribery scheme, ultimately providing direct evidence of Mikerin’s extortion and efforts to cultivate the Clintons. But the Eric Holder DOJ slow-played the investigation and prosecution of Rosatom representatives, keeping Congress (and CFIUS) in the dark long enough to complete the Uranium One sale. Then Rod Rosenstein’s DOJ prosecutors violated their own internal directives to fashion a sweet plea deal for Mikerin, thereby limiting publicity that might have exposed Obama Administration corruption and soiled Clinton’s pathway to the Presidency.

The FBI and DOJ prevented Campbell from disclosing what he knew. But Senator Charles Grassley, head of the Senate Judiciary Committee, recognized Campbell’s information as critical to the Committee’s oversight of the DOJ and the Uranium One deal. Campbell is now allowed to cooperate with the Senate Judiciary Committee.

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The Senate Judiciary Committee is America’s best hope of a fair and thorough investigation of the Uranium One deal. The usual criminal investigative channels are compromised because Attorney General Sessions has handed control of Russia-related issues to Obama Administration holdover, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein—the same Rod Rosenstein whose prosecutors violated internal standards to ensure that Vadim Mikerin got off lightly.

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