US Law Must Be Changed to Deport Illegal Alien Gang Members

MS 13 gang members deportation HR 3697

It is absolutely stunning that under current US law, an illegal alien gang member must first be convicted of a crime before he can be deported.

Can you believe this:  An American must become a victim before the government acts!

It is time to act, and act NOW to bring reality to the federal system that punishes good, law-abiding citizens.

Faithful participation in our campaigns is the way that Pray For US is able to bring you vitally important pro-America breaking news to preserve Faith, Family and Flag so click HERE to urge the Senate Judiciary Committee to hold a vote on HR 3697 immediately..

The House has passed a bill by a vote of 233 to 177 that will make it easier and faster to deport alien gang members from US soil, but HR 3697 is facing massive opposition in the Senate from George Soros-funded think tanks and nonprofits.

The Criminal Alien Gang Member Removal Act (HR 3697) puts the American people first by allowing the deportation of foreign gang members and preventing them from entering the country to begin with.

We must let the Senate Republicans know that the American people expect this bill to be passed immediately!

The America-hating ACLU is blitzing the US Senate with phone calls and petitions right now to try to stop HR 3697 from passing.

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The ACLU and Democrats are actually claiming that immigration officers will kick in the doors of Catholic churches and deport nuns that are mistaken for participating in gang activity if HR 3697 becomes law.

The main reason why this bill was proposed is because the Trump administration is trying to crack down on the Salvadoran gang Mara Salvatrucha, otherwise known as MS-13.

This ultraviolent foreign gang murders its victims in machete attacks and has spread throughout the country from Los Angeles to New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Massachusetts, North Carolina and Texas.

MS-13 members are easily identifiable from their full-body tattoos and yet under current US immigration law, they cannot be deported until after they are CONVICTED of an independent crime.

HR 3697 does the following:

  • Gang membership and gang activity become automatic deportable offenses.
  • Known gang members are no longer allowed to legally immigrate to or enter America on visas.
  • Foreign gang members become ineligible for refugee status, special immigrant juvenile status or temporary protected status.

It is insane that immigration and customs enforcement has to wait until an illegal alien gang member cuts a person’s head off before they can be deported!

There were more than 8,000 alien gang members arrested by Immigration & Customs Enforcement over the past year but only 2,000 of them were deportable under current US law. This is why we must convince the Senate to pass HR 3697 immediately.

Psalm 10:18 reads, “Do justice to the fatherless and the oppressed, so that the man of the earth may oppress no more.”

The American people should not have to wait to be oppressed or even murdered before the federal government protects us from foreign gang members.

HR 3697 is good policy for America and we need your help to convince the Senate to pass it.


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You must persuade the Senate to support and pass the Criminal Alien Gang Member Removal Act HERE.



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