Viral Illegal Aliens

The Daily Caller has published an exhaustive article substantiating the fact that Obama’s border surge — in which he has invited millions of new illegal aliens into the country from Central and South America — has brought yet another unwanted visitor with it:  Namely, the enterovirus D68, or EV-D68. We have seen more cases of this viral disease crop up in the United States in 2014 than in the past four decades and yet the official word from Obama’s Center for Disease Control lackeys is that it’s all a big mystery as to how this disease got here — and in spite of the fact that EV-D68 is common in Central and South America.

Here are some facts you should know about Obama’s disease-importing open borders policies:

  • The EV-D68 virus appeared simultaneously in multiple states
  • 50 American children have been stricken with polio-like paralysis from EV-D68
  • Nine Americans have died from the virus and at least three of them are confirmed to have been children (kids with asthma are most vulnerable to the virus)
  • The viral outbreak has impacted 47 states and has sickened thousands of Americans
  • Hospitals in major metropolitan areas such as Chicago and Denver were overwhelmed in September when outbreaks occurred there
  • There is no vaccine for EV-D68 and again, children with asthma are most at-risk to catch it
One of the 450 children hospitalized by Obama's illegal alien virus in Denver.

One of the 450 children hospitalized by Obama’s illegal alien virus – EV-D68 –  in Denver, Colorado.

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According to the Daily Caller, “There were only 26 confirmed EV-D68 infections in the United States during the 1970 to 2005 period.” The number of cases of EV-D68 only began to increase in 2009, after Obama threw open the borders. In 2014, we have seen 1,015 “official” cases according to the CDC, but a quick perusal of news articles on the outbreak easily puts the number of infections in the thousands.

The outbreak in August of 2014 coincides with the arrival of 40,000 illegal alien children from Central America. The number of cases spiked in September after all of those illegal alien children were absorbed into America’s public school system.

Read the entire report from the Daily Caller here.

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Even worse, Obama now plans to ‘legalize’ 34 million illegal aliens via executive order. Click HERE to tell the US Senate to block Obama’s executive amnesty before this man gets more American children killed.

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